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ATTIVO Power Bar – Hercules Weightlifting Bar 20KG

The ultimate bar for squatting, deadlifting, and benching.

The Hercules Powerlifting Bar is designed for people whose three favourite words are squatbench and deadlift.

  • Cheese-grater knurling. With a bare steel shaft finish and aggressive knurling, this bar will stick to your hands tightly.
  • Extra-thin collars to fit more weights.
  • Powerlifting standard markings
  • Centre knurl

Bar Specs
Bar Weight 20kg
Sleeve Diametre 50mm (Olympic Plates)
Shaft Diametre 29mm
Total Length 220cm
Loadable Sleeve Length 43.5cm
Collar to Collar 131cm
Knurl Aggressive
Knurling Marks Powerlifting
Center Knurl Yes
Shaft Finish Bare Steel
Sleeve Finish Hardened Chrome
Bushing/Bearing Brass Bushing
Max Capacity 675kg
Tensile Strength 210,000 PSI