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Different types of benches offer different features.

Bench press combo is a type of bench press that have other built-in attachments which makes it a multi-functional workout station for home gym users. You can not only practice traditional weight training on the bench, but also squats and other exercises within one equipment. In addition, the additional features on a bench combo could assist the users exercise in a safe way, especially when they perform at home by themselves.

The same as normal weight benches. There are different bench types in multi-function benches as well, such as flat bench, FID bench and incline bench.

The flat weight bench is the most common bench. It is obvious that both ends of the flat bench are stressed evenly. To perform exercise on a flat bench, you need to lay down on the bench and press a barbell or dumbbells up and down.

Adjustable FID bench is also very popular because it combines the features of a flat bench, incline bench and decline bench. With an adjustable bench, you could adjust the back of the bench to between 45 and 60 degree to make sure your back is lean on the bench slightly. To make it a decline bench, you just need to adjust the back of the bench downward so that when you lie down your head is in a lower position that your feet.

One of the most important features that a bench combo has and make it stand out amongst normal weight benches is the barbell holder or J-hook. This would ensure the safety of the users when there is a barbell involved in weight training and protecting them from injury in case of a failure.

Gym Plus offers several options of bench combos which might suits customers’ needs.

The folding bench combo features an adjustable barbell rack, and the bench can be fully folded up, so if you are looking for a weight bench which does not take you much space, this one might be an ideal choice.

Our multi-station weight bench has a built-in preacher pad, a leg and arm developer unit, a chest fly unit and a barbell rack station, so you could perform a wide range of exercises to achieve a full-body workout.

Another multi-function bench can also be used as a power tower so that it allows you to use it for bench press exercise, as well as chin-ups, triceps push-ups (dip station), vertical knee raises, lat pull-ups, push-ups.

Gym Plus also provide commercial grade Olympic bench press which has four weight storage pegs on each side for Olympic plates.