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    MEMAX Three-Tier Spotting Block System



    Whether you're a coach looking to enhance your athlete's performance or a gymnast seeking to hone your skills, the MEMAX Three-Tier Spotting Block System is a valuable addition to your training regime.

    Set the height you need for spotting and secure it with the apparatus straps. The three modules can be used individually or configured into one unit. With heavy duty 18oz vinyl and hook-and-loop fasteners. Perfect for gymnasts, drill stations and Ninja obstacles.

    • Stable and firm block station for coach to stand on.
    • Three modules can be used individually or configured into one unit.
    • Velcro tabs allow blocks to be securely stacked on top of each other.
    • Crosslink polyethylene foam filler. This foam filler has been meticulously engineered for use in quality spotting blocks. The particular foam filler exhibits firmness, durability, and the unique characteristic of retaining its original integrity without experiencing shrinkage or gradual softening over time.
    • Durable, tear-resistant vinyl cover.
    • Easy to move with convenient carrying handles.

    • Block 1: 120cm(L)x75cm(W)x15cm(H); Weight: Approx. 7kg
    Block 2: 120cm(L)x75cm(W)x30cm(H) Weight: Approx. 12kg
    Block 3: 120cm(L)x75cm(W)x60cm(H);  Weight: Approx. 21kg
    • Full system (3 blocks) stack together: 120cm(L)x75cm(W)x105cm(H)
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