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Ultimate Garage Gym Package

Ultimate Garage Gym Package

  1. L3 Power rack with pulley system
  2. Alps barbell 20kg
  3. Colour bumper plates 100kg set. 5/10/15/20kg pairs. Total 8 plates.
  4. Olympic collars

1. Your power rack

ATTIVO L3 power rack with cable pulley system is a solid and functional piece of equipment that decreases the risk of injury when lifting solo and at higher weights. Constructed with Strong 60mm x 60mm steel frame, this power cage has an up to 350KG weight capacity, giving you the flexibility for multiple strength training exercises, within a safe environment and in a compact space. The 2mm-thick steel is powder coated in black and orange finish.

• Strong 60mm x 60mm steel upright; 2mm steel thickness
• Padded full length safety spotters - protects against barbell damage
• J-Cups with UHMW liners
• Fully adjustable - 16 levels
• 1" diameter holes spaced at 8cm intervals
• Straight grip pull up bar suitable for pull ups and muscle ups; Pull up bar diameter: 32mm with matt black finish.
• Cable pulley system included

• Height: 223cm; Width: 147cm (122cm to outside of uprights);
• Overall depth: 180cm; Internal Depth: 74cm
• Standard 1" diameter weight poles with loadable length: 21.5cm
• Upright: 60mm*60mm
• Product net weight: 101kg
• Power rack max load: 350kg

2. Your Barbell - Olympic Weightlifting Bar Alps 20kg

• The Spin: With 8 needle bearings (4 x each collar) and one stainless steel bushing per sleeve this olympic bar has the ultimate spin.
• The Quality: The Alps Olympic weightlifting bar is designed to withstand repeated drops from overhead positions.
• The Knurling: Most bars, and even IWF competition standard bars have knurling in the middle of the bar. As the Alps bar is intended for training, this middle knurling has been remove to prevent excess wear and tear on the lifters clean position, helping to prevent injuries.
• Hardened chrome finish: A hardened chrome finish strengthens the bar and to provides excellent corrosion resistance compared to a zinc or black oxide finish. The other main benefit being little to no maintenance is required for this finish unlike a zinc or oxide finish which requires regular maintenance.

Bar Specs
Bar Weight 20kg
Sleeve Diametre 50mm (Olympic Plates)
Shaft Diametre 28.5mm
Total Length 220cm
Loadable Sleeve Length 41.5cm
Collar to Collar 131cm
Knurl Medium
Knurling Marks Dual
Center Knurl No
Shaft Finish Hardened Chrome
Sleeve Finish Hardened Chrome
Bushing/Bearing Bearing (4 needle bearing each collar)
Max Capacity 675kg
Tensile Strength 210,000 PSI

3. Your bumper plate set 100KG (Colour)

5/10/15/20kg pairs. We included our popular colour bumper plates. These are all the weights that you will need to get your start with Olympic lifting with bumper plates. 

• Suitable for use on Olympic size bars
• 45cm diameter
• Low bounce
• Durable construction
• Stainless steel centre inserts
• Weight discrepancy: +/- 2% of labeled weight

Approx. weight plate thickness
• 5kg: 2.4cm
• 10kg: 4.4cm
• 15kg: 6.2cm
• 20kg: 7.2cm

4. Olympic spring collar pair