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Kingkang Multi-Functional Dumbbell Stool Sit-up Bench Auxiliary Supine Board Personal Training Bench

  • Product weight: 15kg.

    Maximum load: 300kg.

    Material: Thickened steel + PU. Steel tube frame with powder coat finish.

    Dimensions: Please refer to the product image for dimension details.

    Multi-functional sit up bench, perfect for at-home, or in-the-office workouts. Get the finely shaped, sculpted abdominals you see looking for through the wide variety of exercises and crunches that this bench is made for.

    Whether you are at routine consists of simple sit-ups, crunches, reverse-crunches or twists, this bench will keep you safe and stable, so that you get the most out of your exercise regimen.

    Note: Dumbbell is not included in this product package.

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