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Ultimate Power Rack with Lat Pull Down System Semi-Commercial

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  • About the product:

    People who like barbell exercises or fitness in general must be familiar with power racks which are also known as power cages or squat cages. It has become more and more popular in the home and garage gyms nowadays, so if you are thinking about setting up a little gym studio at home or in the garage, do not miss out on this MEMAX power rack.

    This semi-commercial grade All-in-One power rack would be your ultimate choice for a home gym! In addition to a heavy-duty steel constructed squat cage, it features a multi-grip pull-up bar and a plate-loaded high/low pulley system.

    Apart from squatting, you can do a few different exercises safely inside the power cages including bench press, bent-over row, lunges, calf raises, bicep curls, shoulder shrugs and so on. With the multi-grip chin-up bar, you could develop overall upper body strength. The high/low pulley attachment allows the lower body and abs to be involved in bodybuilding.

    Whether you want to focus on your slow or fast-twitch muscles, this versatile MEMAX power rack can offer you a comprehensive full-body workout experience!


    • Stable construction

    • Solid safety bars

    • Multi-grip pull up bar

    • 4 x J hooks

    • 2 x Dip handles

    • Lat pull-down system

    • Low row

    • Plate loaded


    1. 2020 upgraded J hooks (changed to red colour with rubber padded)

    2. No barbell/weights included in the package.


    • Product weight: 72kg

    • Frame: 50mmx50mmx1.5mm thickness steel

    • Finish: Powder coated

    • This item ships in 2 boxes, and may arrive separately.

    • Recommended Max Weight:

    • 300kg if using the bar catchers inside of the cage

    • 200kg if using the bar catchers outside the cage

    • 150kg for dip handles

    • 150kg for pull up bar

    • 120kg for lat pull-down system

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