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Wooden Ballet Barre Wall Mounted Ballet Bar Dance Stretch Bar

About the product:

Ballet as a very elegant form of dance is a perfect way to improve posture, build muscle and flexibility, build confidence and self-esteem, contribute to overall fitness and health, and maintain a healthy weight. While it is the foundational style for all dance, it requires a lot of technics such as footwork, balance, timing, turns and core strength which could be learnt and improved through continuous hard work. If you or your kids are interested in ballet and have determined to practice, a ballet bar is an essential piece of equipment that you should have at home. Apart from practising ballet, you could also do other barre workouts like yoga, Pilates, Zumba, and aerobics.

The MEMAX quality ballet bar is designed for dancers of all ages and all heights. This wall-mounted ballet bar is an ideal option if you want to build a home dance studio. The horizontal crossbar is made of pinewood with a 20mm diameter manganese steel core which ensures the safety and durability of this product. If you want to make a longer length barre, you just need to choose a suitable height to mount the bar, figure where the brackets need to be screwed into the wall and mark them. And then fix the barre onto the wall and making sure all barres are lined up. Once your home ballet barre is set up, you could start practising and enjoying the movements.


• Horizontal rail material: Pinewood cross-bar with 20mm diameter manganese steel core. Installation bolts included.

• Brackets made of steel covered by spraying paint are anti-rust, anti-corrosion, never get tarnished.

• Lower brackets are fixed onto the wall. The upper bar has a 30cm adjustable distance (6 level positions) with a simple turn of the knob.

• A solid base with two triangular structures can be fixed on the wall to provide good stability.


• Horizontal rail length: 150cm. Diameter: 50mm.

• Installation bolts included.

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We love this! Mount it in a stud for sure so it feels secure. Totally what was needed so we can do our Barre!