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  • August 31, 2022 4 min read

    You have everything from kettlebells to resistance bands in your gym but there’s still something missing? Something that allows you to progressively overload your muscles and really get those results you want! Or as we like to call it ‘more bang for your buck’. That my friend…is a cable machine! It's that exact last piece of the puzzle that’ll make you stand back and think to yourself…now that’s what you call a gym! And it’s all in the comfort of your own home.

     Gym Plus Cable Machines

    Our cable machines are the most versatile piece of equipment and you can just about do up to 20 exercises depending on the cable machine you choose. Our cable machines have extremely durable uprights, making it a heavy duty piece of equipment, ready for anything you’ve got to give! All of our cable machines include attachments for things like lat pulldowns, seated rows, straight arm pulldown and bicep curls. Plus, with the height level adjustments, you can also perform things like cable kickbacks and hip abductions. That's just to name a few. It’s hard to know which cable machine features what and which cable machine is best for your fitness goals, so we’ve put together a list of our best cable machines and what they are used for.

    ATTIVO Lat Pull Down Machine 1192 Gym plus

    Starting with our Lat Pulldown Machine LPD-1192 which is constructed from 5x5cm 12 gauge steel for strength and durability and includes an adjustable lower utility T-bar to offer a range of lat, shoulder, and arm exercises. There is also a double stitched harness strap with soft handles allowing the user to perform seated ab crunches on the adjustable layered seat. This seating allows for 4 different positions up or down.

    ATTIVO Lat Pull Down Machine Freestanding Cable Pulley System Gym Plus

    The free standing Lat PullDown machine ZY1193 is a more cost-effective version of LPD-1192. It is also a very versatile piece of equipment constructed from a 5x5cm 12 gauge piece of steel. Includes a lat bar and utility T-bar to offer a range of upper body exercises and a cushioned seat ranging from 41cm-50.5cm in height.

    Wall Mount Cable Machine with Adjustable Dual Pulley System Gym Plus

    This wall mounted cable machine ZY1196 will give you the best full body workout, incorporating strength and hypertrophy training into one. This has 19 vertical positions, allowing you to perform ab exercises, tricep extensions, shoulder press, reverse fly, cable abductions and adductions. It is 203cm and is mounted to the wall to ensure durability.

    ATTIVO Squat Rack with Lat Pull Down System - SR1551 Gym Plus

    Ever seen a squat rack and lat pull down in one? Well now you have. This cable machine SR-1551 allows you to perform all types of compound movements. Squats, chest press, deadlift…you name it. It also includes a lat pull down system and a seated row. If you really want to get the most out of your workout and hit those Pb’s, you can, because the rack can hold up to 225kg, while the lat pulldown allows for 135kg worth of weight. Featuring 2 rear weight plate pegs and 2 at the front, making it practical for storing your weights away but also giving the rack extra stability.

    ATTIVO L3 Power Rack with Cable Pulley System - Commercial Gym Plus

    Next we have this big fella POWERRK-COMBO. This here just about includes a whole commercial gym in one spot. It has strong 60mm uprights and full length safety spotters so you can get as much range of motion in those squats as you like. This cage can hold up to 350kg of weight, giving you the flexibility for a range of strength training exercises. This is fully adjustable up to 16 levels with 1” diameter holes placed at 8 cm intervals. Whether you are just starting out, an intermediate or an advanced trainer, this is sure to last you a long time in your training journey.

    ATTIVO L2 Heavy Duty Half Power Cage Weight Lifting Squat Rack with Lat Low Row System

    The Heavy Duty Half Power Cage HALFRACK-COMBO, includes a squat station and a dip station, as well as a lat pulldown system and a seated row. What more could you ask for? It has a whopping 300kg max weight and has 2 safety spotter arms to really hit those squats as low as you can go. This machine also features pullup bars either side of the top allowing for 200kg worth of weight. The barbell can take 200kg, and the pull down system can take 125kg. This truly is the best kind of investment.

    Our cable machines also include weight plates pegs, mostly suitable for 1” plates and 2” Olympic plates so you can really hit those PB’s the way you want and it's able to hold up to 120kg worth of wait for the majority of the cable machines that we sell.

    A big difference between working out with accessory items, such as dumbbells, is that there is a barrier when it comes to the time in which your muscle is under tension. Dumbbells can make it difficult to execute a proper range of motion considering most of the movement is just raising and lowering and also doesn’t execute the same sort of resistance a cable machine does. With cable machines, you not only work your body diagonally and horizontally but also virtually and you increase the time in which your muscle is under tension. In turn, leaner muscles.

    By challenging your body in new ways and seeing what it can really achieve, you can really accelerate your journey towards those fitness goals of yours. In other words, get yourself a cable machine! You won’t regret it.

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