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    Foldable Gravity Inversion Table Back Stretcher Inverter Machine

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    Adjustable Inversion Table & Back Stretcher

    Gym Plus is dedicated to meeting a wide range of your fitness needs, including some of your recovery needs! Inverter machines are nothing new, but this adjustable model provides a variety of benefits. While ideal for athletes, everyone can use an inversion machine.

    Gravity pulls down on our spine and joints all day long which can create a lot of pressure, particularly on our spine and the joints we use most. Our back stretcher reverses gravity, increases circulation to remove toxins, stimulates our spinal discs to create more protective fluids, and more!

    The effects are rapid and include increased flexibility, minimized inflammation, reduced pain, and taking a proactive approach to work out and fitness recovery. Yes, you could do a headstand or handstand against a wall to achieve similar results, but an inversion table eliminates the need to use active muscles while inverted. You could also consider our yoga headstand bench for inversions.

    Unlike many inverter tables, you can adjust ours to your individual height for maximum benefits. It’s also designed to be fast, easy, and nearly effortless to return to an upright position.  

    Use up to 2 times a day from 1 to 5 minutes and work your way up to 20 minutes per session. Check with your physician to ensure this is the right therapy for you.

    • Provide easy and secure inversion exercise.
    • Thickened powder-coated steel.
    • Adjustable ankle locking system with U-shape pad.
    • Large and comfortable padded backrest.
    • Foldable and easy to store.
    • Waist pad.

    • Colour: Black & white
    • Weight capacity: 120kg
    • Suitable for user height: 147cm - 190cm
    • Gross product weight: 23.5kg

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 23 reviews
    Robert (Phoenix, US)
    pretty good

    i don't have another brand inverter table to compare but it does exactly what it says. Took a bit of effort to assemble but seems plenty strong enough. I notice my feet when in full vertical hurt a bit supporting all my weight but i'm sure over time they will adapt. Other than that it works great and will be great addition to my overall health. thank you for making available this apparatus at a good price.

    Stuart Mendham (Sydney, AU)
    Good product

    I love it. But it barely extends long enough for ne when I have the shoulder supports on. I'm only 6 foot. If you're tall, might be better options. But it does what it promises.

    Kath (Brisbane, AU)
    Inversion Table

    Great piece of equipment. Absolutely love it! Fantastic for stretching out my scoliosis and so easy to use. Excellent quality, very sturdy, highly recommend

    HB Pencil (Brisbane, AU)
    Excellent product, I use it everyday.

    I am still at the first wrung with approx. 20 degrees angle. This is enough for the moment and was painful but just what I needed to fix a very stiff, 58 year old welded back. After 3 weeks there is no soreness at all, it feels stronger and looser but still stiff in places and will be an ongoing process. This Back Stretch Inverter is strong, efficient and does the job in regard to lengthening out the vertebrae and llubricate the joints so they can move around. A very happy customer.

    Philip G (Brisbane, AU)
    An upside down wonder

    A great product, it has helped immensely with my recurring back problem! As soon as I feel a twinge, over I go, and hang until I feel things are right again. Awesomeness…..