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The benefits of dancing.

It is widely acknowledged that dancing brings a lot of advantages to people, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.

First of all, the physical benefits of dancing are that it improves cardiovascular health, body balance, and strength. As a form of exercise, dancing naturally strengthens your bones and muscles as you move your body. And once your strength is increased, you will have more energy to continue dancing and take more challenging moves. Since your heart rate is challenged, it will decrease your risk of getting diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. In addition, dancing requires you to move your body from all planes which provide an opportunity for you to work on all muscles so that you could maintain a strong centre of gravity and improve balance.

Besides, dancing is a good method to maintain your mental health. It has proven to be able to boost memory and cognitive performance as the exercise encourage nerve cells to grow in your brain while you dance. It also challenges your brain when you need to remember all the movements, patterns and coordinating your move with the rhythm and music.

Moreover, emotional health is the other area that dancing brings advantages to. Since people are facing more and more stress and anxiety in modern society. Keeping yourself healthy emotionally is vital. While dancing provides an opportunity for people to get involved in social activities and interact with others, it not only improves your social health but also reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression and increase your self-esteem.

Why should kids dance?

Apart from the above advantages of strengthening bones and muscles, improve balance and flexibility. Young kids could also benefit from dancing. Firstly, dancing is a relatively safe way for kids to get their energy out. In addition, it also teaches them a way of expressing themselves via body language and movements, this will, in turn, improve their emotional health. As time goes, the more effort your kids spend in dancing, the better performance they will notice in themselves which would help them increase self-esteem and confidence.