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  • Here are some of the benefits that prove why you should own a home garage gym:

    Cost-Efficient:You might question whether it is worth investing in home garage gyms or not? But if you see in the long run, you will find that owning a home gym is cost-effective. With a home gym, you need not pay monthly charges for a gym membership. Thus, it is a one-time investment with a high ROI.

    Saves Time:Along with cost, it also saves the precious time you might be investing in commuting to the gym. With a gym garage right at your home, you don’t have to go anywhere else to start working out.

    Consistency:Many times, due to busy schedules or work commitments, you might miss out on going to the gym. That can hamper your fitness goals, and you won’t be able o achieve the desired goals. However, it is much easier to improve consistency when you have a home workout gym station that allows you to work out at your convenience. 

    Privacy:If you are socially awkward and fear people judging you in public gym areas, owning a home garage gym is the best possible solution to achieve your fitness goals. It gives freedom to exercise freely at your own pace when you don’t have people around staring at you. Moreover, at the home gym, you are free to use any of the equipment without waiting for others to finish their workout and free the equipment. 

    Choose The Right Package For Your Training/Fitness Goals

    If you are unsure how and where to start setting up your home gym, we have some of the best Garage Gym Packages for all your needs based on your training style or fitness goals. Here are some of our Garage Gym Packages that you can choose from if you are looking to set up your home gym: 

    • Basic Garage Gym Package that includes the basic pieces to get you started: includes a barbell, Blackbumper plates, collars, and a squat rack.

    • Essential Garage Gym Package includes ZY18 Power rack with Cable System, Remarkables barbell 20kg - Bearing, Black bumper plates set - 5/10/15kg pairs (Total 6 plates), Olympic collars.

    • Ultimate Garage Gym Package that includesL3 Power rack with pulley system, Alps barbell 20kg, Colour bumper plates 100kg set - 5/10/15/20kg pairs (Total 8 plates), Olympic collars

    Other Garage Gym Packages that we provide are: