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  • Sometimes barbells come with weights, but if you don’t like the accompanying weights or want a higher quality—it’s time to order more. Rubber bumper plates are increasingly popular, as they reduce shock, protect your floor, and the colour makes it easier to select the weight you want. Or order your Olympic weight plates in standard black.

    While you’re upgrading your weight plates, consider ordering a few different types of bars to further optimise and personalise your workouts. In addition to a standard straight weight training bar, consider triceps bars, squat bars, trap bars, or bars that are either 4, 5, 6, or 7 feet wide.

    Finally, you’ll need a few accessories such as a weight bench, standing or wall-mounted racks. Fitness mats provide both comfort and shock absorption. This could be a mat that you fold up and store or roll-out mats that you can connect to create a large surface area.