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We have standard gymnastics training bars, monkey bars, rings units, and more. These adjustable height kip bars are ideal for practising fundamentals and elements of their competition routines. As your gymnast advances, they can upgrade to a wider advanced bar or competition-grade uneven parallel bars.

For safety, order your training bar with a standard folding mat, but for ultimate cushion and safety add on a crashmat or air block mat. Just make sure the mat is the same width as the bar you’ve ordered.

While at-home use is popular, many acrobatic and fitness training centres add gymnastics floor bars and kip bars to the mix. For gymnastics centres, it provides a secondary training space and for fitness centres bars offer a unique challenge. For example, pushup and handstand bars are increasingly popular for yogis, CrossFit enthusiasts, and at-home training.

Don’t forget chalk or liquid hand grip!