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Do I need a power cage?

This would be the first question people normally ask themselves when it comes to purchasing a power cage.

Power cage is designed mainly for strength training. So if your goal is to gain strength and muscles, the answer is "Yes, you will need a power cage for sure." The power cage is perfect for classic strength training moves such as squats, deadlifts, bench press, shoulder press, bent-over row, pull-ups, dips and so on.

The good thing about owning a power cage at home is that you save the money and time going to a gym. If you are unable to attend a gym regularly, setting up a power cage at home will motivate you to exercise and it allows you to practice anytime when you are free.

How to use a power cage?

As one of the most important equipment for strength training, a power rack can be used to do a lot of exercises.

When most people would start training themselves with barbell squats, a power rack make both the front and back squats possible and safe. The four posts and frame structure make the power rack stable with a weight load up to 300kg. When you use a power rack for barbell squats, it is better to place the pin a little lower than where it stops at the bottom position. This will prevent possible injury. Similarly, remember to set the safety pin at a correct position when you do rack pulls, inverted row, and military press.

Since the power rack can be used in conjunction with a bench press, you just need to perform weightlifting on a bench press inside the power rack and set the safety pin just above your chest to catch the bar in case of a failure.

Other than barbell exercises, you could also perform strength training using your body weight. You will find power rack features multi-grip pull-up bar, core trainer, and high/low pulley attachment at Gym Plus. These additional features allow you to exercise pullups, chin-ups, core training and so on to facilitate an overall bodybuilding.

How to set up your own power cage?

Once figured out what is a power rack and how to use it. It's important to think about a realistic question. How much space do you have for a power rack? If you are setting up a power rack at home or garage, you need at least 120cm(W)x150cm(L)x240cm(H) which is easy to get for most home.

Since you set up a MEMAX power cage at home, the built-in plate pegs will save you some space and it could seriously be the only equipment your home gym need.