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Do I need a power cage?
This would be the first question people normally ask themselves when it comes to purchasing a power cage.
Power cage is designed mainly for strength training. If your goal is based on increasing strength, the power cage is perfect for classic strength training moves such as squats, deadlifts, bench press, shoulder press, bent-over row, pull-ups, dips and so on. In addition to the multipurpose function of our power racks, they are designed to not only help you lift safely but also correctly.

How to use a power cage?
As one of the most important equipment for strength training, a power rack can be used to do a lot of exercises.
When most people would start training themselves with barbell squats, a power rack makes both the front and back squats possible and safe. The four posts and frame structure make the power rack stable with a weight load up to 300kg. When you use a power rack for barbell squats, it is better to place the pin a little lower than where it stops at the bottom position. This will prevent possible injury. Similarly, remember to set the safety pin at a correct position when you do rack pulls, inverted row, and military press.
Since the power rack can be used in conjunction with a bench press, you just need to perform weightlifting on a bench press inside the power rack and set the safety pin up just above your chest to catch the bar in case of failure.
You will find power rack features multi-grip pull-up bar, core trainer, and high/low pulley attachment at Gym Plus. These additional features allow you to exercise pull ups, chin-ups, core training and so on to facilitate an overall bodybuilding.

Power Racks Australia

All commercial gyms have power racks, usually more than one. They are typically located wherever squatting is taking place. Although squatting is often associated with power racks, you can do several different exercises safely inside them, including bench press, shoulder press, bent-over row, and deadlift.

Power racks are common in commercial gyms, but they are also becoming increasingly popular in home and garage gyms. This is largely due to how affordable they are becoming and the improvements in overall quality.

Power racks nowadays often include pull up bars and the ability to add attachments for additional exercises such as dips, lat pull-downs, and rows. These attachments can add a lot of variety to your workout and increase the total number of exercises possible.

Having a power rack is arguably the most important piece of strength training equipment you can own. Whether you’re into CrossFit, Power Lifting, Olympic Lifting or just want to build muscle and burn fat, a power rack is a perfect vehicle to accomplish your fitness goals.

Whether you are looking for a decent power rack for your home gym or purchasing heavier-duty commercial grade, you will find the high function-price ration systems at Gym Plus.

Squat Rack vs.Power Rack Differences

A squat rack only has 2 vertical posts - there is no “cage”, it’s simply a stand that holds the barbell at the correct height for you during squats. Squat racks are also known as “half-cages” sometimes, because it’s basically half a power cage. Squat racks can also have safety arms to help spot you during your lift.

Squat Rack and Power Rack have similarities, but they are not entirely the same. Squat racks can be used for squat variations, bench presses, and simply to rack your barbell. Power racks can give you the same benefits but can also help you to diversify movements like pull-ups. They can also provide plenty of space for plate storage.

While the differences between a squat rack and a power rack can dictate your exercises’ variation, it will also help you decide which one you need for your space. Power racks are suitable for larger rooms, while squat stands can have a smaller footprint. It’s good to know the rack’s dimensions to decide if it will fit in your space.

Power Rackscan usually hold a lot more weight than a squat rack too. If you are doing serious lifting, a power rack is definitely a safer bet. The last thing you want is for your squat stand to fail. So, as long as you have the floor space and budget for it, there really is no reason to purchase a squat rack over a full power rack.

Attivo Power Rack/Cage

While it can look a little intimidating at first glance, a power rack serves much the same purpose as a half rack. It does, however, provide more stability and safety due to its "cage" design. The cage has dual columns at the front and back, supported by horizontal bars top and bottom. This allows the Power Rack to be able to handle weights heavier than a half rack. It also means that any barbells being dumped are less likely to escape out onto the gym floor when released.

The downside is that a full power rack will take up some additional space on your gym floor. A good gym designer will be able to work with your space to maximise it for your specific goals and requirements. You can also add the landmine attachment or Dip bars to your power rack. Having extra Olympic Plate Weight Storage Pegs will make easy access to your fractal plates and collars.

ATTIVO Commercial Grade Power Rack/Cage

The dual-upright layout also means that Power Racks can often be used by two people at once. One on the inside and one on the outside of the rack. Usually, a rack wouldn't come with enough J-Hooks and safety bars to do so but these are readily available. If you are a gym runner, a commercial grade power rack will be a necessity.

Our L3 Power Rack features a 60mm steel frame in a choice of black or orange finish. The design provides plenty of room for squat and bench press exercises. With UHMW lined J-Cups and spotters this cage offers excellent all-round protection. For those who want to upgrade your gym, we also offer Power Rack with cable pulley System.

ATTIVO L1 Power Rack with Cable Pulley System

For lifters who want a complete gym set up, this power rack with cables will allow you to isolate more muscles without the need for extra equipment. ATTIVO Power Rack Cable Pulley System is perfect for adding more functionality to your rack. It bolts directly onto the ZY18 Power Rack and comes complete with straight bar, lat pull bar and spring collars. Suitable for a wide range of exercises.

For commercial usage, our L3 Power Rack features a 60mm steel frame in a choice of black or orange finish. Comes with Cable System is perfect for upgrading your home gym. It attaches to the rack and adds high and low cable system functionality. Perform rows, curls, push downs and a range of other useful exercises.  

Benefits of a Power Rack

Because they are Versatile
One rack can handle so many different exercises including deadlifts, bench presses, cable crossovers, squats, overhead presses, curls, chin-ups, lat pulldowns, rows, and more. It’s your one-stop shop for your ultimate power rack workouts!
They Can Be Cost Effective
Once you've made your purchase, you’ll never have to spend money on a reoccurring gym membership or gas going back and forth from the gym.
Having one at home helps keep close to your workouts and saves a lot of time waiting in line, driving back and forth from the gym, and more.
No Spotter Necessary
Because of safety spotters and other safety attachments, you can work out safely by yourself without a spotter.
When you’re close to your workouts, it’s easier to be consistent and build a routine habit and get better results.
Training in the comfort of your own garage without someone staring at you as they wait for you to finish your set is priceless.