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    Great build quality

    Great build quality and fits nice

    Great quality and the colour is even nicer in person

    My 11mo absolutely loves pushing these around and climbing over them. The colours are really nice in person and it’s not unsightly to keep them in the lounge room. Even the dog loves it.

    Works well

    After receiving my rack, i quickly ordered this to help with my building my home gym.
    Easy to assemble and working well.
    Can’t wait to get my new order soon.

    ATTIVO Power Rack ZY18 - Pink
    Chelsea (Melbourne, AU)
    Very happy

    Was very excited when I received my power rack.
    Easy to assemble, sturdy, and cute as.
    I was so happy I ordered the last pull-down to attach a few days later.

    Decent quality build, but the design risks tipping over with heavier weights

    I'm happy with the build quality, and the machine looks nice in my gym, but please be aware (especially if you have small children) that if you load up the sleeves with heavy weights, it becomes very unevenly weighted towards the front and will tip or flip forwards if there is downward pressure at the front, or someone elevates the back seated area slightly.

    Someone in one of the other reviews questioned what the roller thing under the seat is for... I have no idea either, but it was a good work around for this safety issue. Take the roller foams off, and it becomes a 25mm sleeve, enough to fit some 1.25kg plates or bigger plates with side holes. This will redistribute more torque toward the rear of the machine, reducing the tip over risk.

    See pictures for example.

    High quality product!

    Quality product. Instructions were very detailed and small so took a while to put together however definitely worth the time. Highly recommend. Fantastic online experience with company. Excellent delivery service with updates along the way. Many thanks.

    Easy to build and great value

    I'm a single mum with absolutely no experience in assembling equipment. I felt nervous when 3 large boxes arrived and I unpacked all the pieces. My worries were soon put at ease as I just worked through it one step at a time. The quality for the price paid is exceptional. While the cables could flow a little smoother it's certainly a great machine to have in the garage and I find I have to now fight my teenage son to be able to use it!

    ATTIVO Squat Rack, Barbell, and Bumper Plates Package
    Amandeep Singh Roopra (Adelaide, AU)
    Great purchase and easy to assemble

    Great purchase, good quality and easy to assemble. Quick delivery too. Perfect for garage. Don’t take too much space either. Was bit hesitant to purchase but no regrets now.

    MEMAX Aerial Yoga Hammock Yoga Swing Set
    Stephanie Buchanan (Brisbane, AU)
    Aerial Yoga Hammock

    Great product and on the stretchier side of hammocks, just by a smidge. I ordered the pack with the daisy chains and carabiners, I’m glad I ordered extra carabiners as I attached the hammock to the carabiners and it ended up covering most of the part you open to attach to the daisy chain making it difficult to adjust the height, it gets caught on it and it’s so tight (which is a good thing!) So I attached another set of carabiners to the carabiners and now I can adjust the height with ease. The kids love it too!

    Love it

    Love my judo/jiu-jitsu mat it was exactly what I’m looking for and fits in my room.

    ATTIVO Squat Rack with Lat Pull Down System - SR1551

    I just got this as a birthday present and I gota say - it is really awesome! Relatively easy to construct and has totally changed the way I am working out already. Thank You Attivo!!

    Question - does it need some silicone on the runner for ease of movement?

    Hi there, thank you for leaving a review for the ATTIVO Squat Rack with Lat Pull Down System - SR1551. We are thrilled to hear that it has made a positive impact on your workouts. As for your question, we recommend using a silicone lubricant on the runner for smoother movement. Happy lifting!

    Kind regards,
    Team Gym Plus

    Perfect home pole!

    So worth it! We're all wary of portable poles. We've seen the fail videos. Ensure your pole is under a beam and is straight. I absolutely love mine. And the mat is so good as I have concrete flooring in our garage. It hasn't budged at all in the time we've had it up & have had multiple friends of various sizes give it a try. Perfect home pole for an affordable price & grateful for the afterpay option

    Essential Garage Gym Package
    James (Adelaide, AU)
    Great setup for a home gym

    My first investment in "proper" home gym equipment and couldn't be happier.
    Ordering and delivery were easy, most packages delivered in a main delivery, then a final set of weight plates came a couple of days later.
    Assembly pretty straightforward, I'd recommend rubber floor tiles underneath, and when all set up it's sturdy and doesn't have any wobbles. Nylock nuts used all around so not expecting anything to loosen up too much.
    Lat pull down cable system is really good. Note that the peg for weights takes 1" or 25mm diameter hole weights vs. the 50mm ones that ship for the barbell.
    Barbell is longer than I anticipated so you do need decent space around the rack so bar and weights don't catch on anything.
    Add a bench to this like I did and with a bit of silicon spray lube for the cables and pulldown mechanism I reckon this will do me for many years.
    I've even successfully managed a couple of pull ups already.

    Five star delivery, Flashy color and amazing grips

    As I haven’t heard this brand before I was hesitant to order at first but the delivery was on the dot with no dramas at all. The bar is perfect for my crossfit trainings and resistance trainings. I recommend it 100%.

    Jammer/Lever Arm

    Quick delivery can't fault the service.
    Easy to put together will need a 18mm socket/ spanner or adjustable spanner x2.

    Finally have a jammer arm for 50mm x 50mm rack which are hard to find unless you take out a second mortgage.

    Item is pretty solid which can be adjusted with ease in the 18 different sections.

    I think these have a slight design flaw explained below.

    My only criticism is the was the arms attach to the rack. The pole that inserts into the rack is at the top and is secured by the safety pin at the bottom. I found that peg kept slipping out even without weights. So I swapped out the position so the weight is not at the bottom and secured at the top which no longer slips out. Although you will lose a hole if your using the ZY16 rack but you will have better safety and security.

    Essential Garage Gym Package - Pink
    Amy Petschel (Melbourne, AU)

    Love my new gym set up, built it myself took about 5 hours, it’s so nice, sturdy can’t wait to get started, definitely worth the money!

    ATTIVO Power Rack ZY18 - Pink
    Julie Kefford (Brisbane, AU)
    Love it

    Love it so much. Service to FNQ was exceptional. They did everything to make it fast and were easy to talk to and organise to meet my needs! My only feedback would be that instructions aren’t great and video of some one putting together or photos of particular aspects of construction would be awesome.

    Easy set up, takes up little space however wish the handles weren’t so steep as it puts pressure on wrists. However still works and looks good

    Does the job

    The storage attachment itself is fine. Does the job. I was expecting to be able to use the existing screws/holes in my rack to attach it though and I couldn’t. The holes in the attachment are too small for the existing screws in my rack. The diameter of the screws provided isn’t in the product description but they are 10mm in case that helps anyone else. I had to go and get a cobalt drill bit and drill new holes in the rack to attach it which isn’t ideal. Would have also been good to have the option to just buy one of these as well as I didn’t need two of them. Especially given they just come as two separate packages.

    Amazing !!!

    Really happy with the quality of the product and the quick delivery. Solid and strong design and easy to install. Deff recommend WD40 to the slide bars and the bearings but use the specific WD40 bearing spray. I purchased mine from Bunnings for $10.

    Vertical leg press

    I like the leg press hits the legs nicely was fairly easy to set up easy on back just need to put a towel under small of back for support otherwise it works well

    MEMAX Soft Pit Crash Mat
    Mandy Rincon (Adelaide, AU)
    Perfect for my home lyra training

    It's still early, but so far it's perfect for my Lyra home training. It's light and easy to transport for setup/packdown. Its soft but firm enough to take the impact. I really like it. It also came quick in the postage. I will be purchasing another one to expand when I get to some of the more advance movements

    I Love it But would need two People to Assemble quickly or a ladder if just one Assembling it

    Ezy too Assemble I'm using the Lat Pull Down as is but some Said to Lube the Lat Sliding bars just to be safe i haven't
    done that yet & have used it for Lats & Triceps a fair bit as is.

    Very Happy

    Very solid product. Good fixings for mounting into brick work. Fast delivery at a reasonable price.

    Great machine

    Really easy to set up and everything fit perfectly, seems like good quality machining. So far really good to use, quite a few exercises that cover most muscles with only a few extras outside the machine. Fit in a small space I had.