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    Great for home practice

    As an adult dancer, I love this barre as it's perfect for squeezing in some pliés and tendus outside of formal class time. While it seems compact, you get the full use of the length of the barre. (Models from other online shops have the feet set narrower than the actual barre, which seems a waste of space.) Even better is that my barre fits within my apartment's laundry cabinet so I can put it away neatly without annoying my partner

    My only minor gripe is that the sides do seem very tall. Perhaps that might be useful for pointework or very tall people, which is why this doesn't affect my rating. While I won't use the full height, I did find it would helpful to hold onto while doing stretches

    Landmine attachment

    The power rack allow me to add another attachment and this was a great choice, it is fixed to the structure and fits just right. Excellent

    Barbell Holder

    I was so pleased with the first lot that I bought a second pair to even out the slots but also to store more barbells onto the rack. More than happy with this barbell holders.

    Barbell Holder

    This has been a perfect attachment to my rack, not only does it allow me to store the bars but it also takes advantage of the vertical space 'created' by the cage's uprights. I am very pleased with this product

    50mm J-Cups

    I wanted to have an extra pair of J-Cups for my rack both as a spare and to add 'storage' if needed. This one really got my attention because they are 'tall' and allow for the bar to hit their padded wall instead of the rack uprights. Here's a comparison between one of the originals and this set. I am very pleased with this attachment

    I'm not smart but i can lift heavy things

    Good bar, screws together easy. Mine was built well, but paint had flaked off in shipping. Some of the posts on here had a response that the paint issue was now fixed. Sorry, it isn't.
    Bar works well though for deeper bench or taking pressure off the rotator cuff.
    Great bang for buck, not good if you want pretty.

    Amazing bang for buck

    Previously I was looking at a half rack around $1100 but this one turned out to be just as good for a fraction of the cost. Easy to assemble and I actually have no complaints. Would recommend.

    Great beam

    This beam is incredibly durable and easy to put together with all parts and tools comes in the package. Transported the package in my sedan and at times even take the beam outdoors in my car cause the little one wants to practise at a park lol. The adjustable height means the younger siblings can enjoy the fun too. The quality is amazing too.


    Having a son with ADHD, ASD & SPD he is constantly on the go and getting outside to play is not always an option!, having brought this mini tramp with a horizontal bar for him to swing off, hang from, hang upside down from, do flips, bounce on,use it as a cubby and run around inside it like a hamster wheel has been the best thing ever!!!!!! Especially for an exhausted mum with her couch used for sitting purposes only now! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Just incredible for the price

    Can't believe how well made and thought out all the little features are of this trailer. Been loving using it. So much better than I expected.

    ATTIVO Half Power Rack - HR2100

    Im extremely impressed with the ATTIVO half power rack - HR2100.
    Build quality is excellent and easy to assemble - did it by myself with just a 17mm socket and shifter, the frame, safety arms and J hooks are actually quite heavy, strong and sturdy, for the price it’s way better than I expected.
    I haven’t needed to bolt it to the ground as I find it is very well balanced and it has minimal sway or movement when working out wether squatting or doing pull ups.
    I also bought the land mine attachment which fits perfectly.
    If I had to fault anything it would only be the spotters arms as I feel they are a little short so could be a good idea to invest in some larger ones down the line if you want to push some heavy weight, being an older guy I’m not going for any records so I’ve only had around 50kg’s on it so far with no problems.
    End of the day I’m extremely happy and I highly recommend the Attivo half power rack - 2100 for the home user like myself.
    Great bit of gear, thanks Gym Plus
    Enjoy the pump everyone!

    Best value

    Excellent works perfect easy set up good value for money 2 day shipping to brisbane

    Good buy

    Was a bit worried this might be cheap and nasty, but I'm really happy with this purchase. Highly recommend

    Fast Delivery perfect size

    Came reasonably quickly and easy to add to my pole to install in my new house

    Absolutely brilliant!

    We love this baby gym, it’s high quality, made with wood and sturdy.

    My one year old Bub loves it and play with it every day.

    We also brought a baby swing (not included), and plan to add a tent on it as my kid grow up.

    It’s bigger than other brand so I assume kid can use it up to 5 year old.

    Highly recommend for active baby and kids.

    Very Pleased Overall

    Power rack was shipped very fast with express shipping. Arrived in 5 separate packages making it possible to handle on my own. Everything packed very well, minor factory defects (scuffs here and there) but overall very good product. Once I figured out the bolt sizing it was a fairly simple installation process. Did require a second pair of hands for the pull-up bar. It's a very solid rack that looks great at the same time. Priced very reasonably. Would absolutely recommend this rack, it's great value.

    Very Pleased Overall

    Received a week after purchase. Not too complicated to install, I enjoyed the process. The adjustable bench is very solid and it looks great. Can't fault it at this price point. Would definitely recommend this adjustable bench to anyone looking for an affordable well built bench with fast and affordable shipping.

    Great for the price point, no problems. Will get the attachments sometime later after I get some gravity boots

    Awesome storage rack

    Wow what can I say. I love this rack. Everything in one place creating more space in my very small home gym. Great service and really quick delivery. I’m a super happy customer

    Great quality, Fast shipping!

    This set came within days of ordering and is great quality! Perfect addition to my home gym setup. I do think clips should be added to the set though for convenience

    Best crash pads for the price that I could find, I’d definitely recommend them

    Gym bar

    I got this bar for my 9yo for her birthday just over a week ago. She hasn't been off it. Loves it. Postage was great timing. Easy assembly. If it held a little bit more weight I'd be on it too. I wanna swing on it. Definatly a good start for a beginner. Very happy.

    Good Quality, reasonable price

    Quick delivery, easy installation. Good quality and price

    Love this rack

    Very happy with this purchase. Pretty solid everywhere, love the weight storage, and doesn’t move too much with strict pull-ups. Crossfitters doing more dynamic movements like butterfly pull-ups or toes to bar will get a bit of shake but pretty good for a self standing rack (I also haven’t bolted it into the ground so this could help reduce shake).
    Overall very happy and would recommend.

    Perfect for the home gym

    I chose this cable tower based on what I needed, the features it had and the price. I've had it set-up for just over two weeks now and I have been very happy with it. It perfectly suits my needs. It fitted exactly where I wanted it to go, it was priced well and I'm very happy with the build quality and value for the money. It was easy to assemble but I would recommend adding some oil or grease lubrication to the pulley bearings before you put it together. I did this based on the advice from other reviews on this product. The plastic sleeves easily pop out and seperate from the pulley wheel. I just used a hammer and a flat tip screw driver and gently tapped them apart. Once I'd applied the grease, I popped the halves back together. It certainly does make a difference to how smooth the pulleys run. I also used a thin lubricating oil on the weight sliding carriage poles. This also makes for smooth operation. I definitely recommend this product.
    It has been a great addition to my home gym.