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Perfect fit

Great quality and nice service
Just missing a small piece clients service will sent it to me:)

Great, Sturdy

We ordered the 3 tier weight rack, it came really fast and it was very easy to set up.
We’ve put our dumbbells and bars on there and it’s easy to put together.

Rainbow Rocker

We love our rainbow rocker! It provides hours of fun!


Solid build, just what you'd expect. Fit my rack nice

Dance Barres

Very Happy with the product quite stable for a portable barre and the adjustable heights are great


its better than a door pull up bar because it goes higher for muscle ups and doesnt leave marks. u can also make it lower to do straight bar dips. the instructions were bad but i found a utube vid to assemble it so ill let it slide👍🏿

Lat pull down

great piece of gym equipment fit neatly in the garage. couldn't be happier with it and the price was awesome

Purple Balance Beam

This balance beam is perfect size for children and the quality is amazing. They come in awesome colours too.


Second purchase. Very good. Thank you.

perfect for calisthenics!

5 stars, would recomend to others

ATTIVO Half Power Rack 2182B
Murray Cameron-Brown
Pretty good

High quality rack, very useful. I use it for bench press, pull ups and squat. No issues so far. Very easy to assemble

Great value addition to any gym

As a free weights devotee I never really considered buying a cable machine, until I came across this model. The double pulley (left/right) handles and the ability to easily adjust the resistance angle (high/low) makes this machine super versatile, you can replicate *almost* any free weight movement with a little imagination.
* Versatility (as discussed)
* Footprint (takes up hardly any space)
* Price (incredible value really if you consider the number of machines it can replace)
* By far the biggest letdown is the quality of the pullys. *BEFORE YOU ASSEMBLE THE MACHINE* take each pulley and pry off the centre cover on each side. You will see the bearing. Mine included at least 3 different brands of bearings, obviously just cheapest that could be sourced. Clean any grease/grit (yes that's right) from the bearing and spray liberaly with silicon spray/lubricant. Spin the bearing and let the lubricant penetrate. Push the plastic covers back on. Now assemble the machine. You will thank me. Also lubricate the two posts the weight carriage slides on. These two tips will make the movment so much smoother.
* Not a con, just a suggestion- You can get a laminated cable exercise chart from Amazon showing a great selection of movements. Something like this should be included in in the box, in my opinion.

Overall, 4/5 would definitely buy

Portable Dancing Pole - Static and Spinning Pole Dancing Kit

Couldn’t be happier

This mat is a great size, providing piece of mind my little one can practice her gymnastics with extra protection. Easy to fold and store

Blue Tumbling Mat

The mat is good quality and is such a good size for the children. The delivery was really fast as well

Fast delivery and reasonable shipping costs.

Excellent quality.

This is a decent budget multi-bench and worth buying if you are after a bench for flies since it comes without a spotting stand for barbell presses.
The only fault I could find is the decline position, its hard to keep your lower limbs put which is needed to get off your back, once done. I fasten the leg extension bit to main stem as a solution for this issue. The manufacturer should come up with a solution for future models.

Oh and BTW one nut was missing which isn't a big deal since I found one at the local hardware shop.

I'm happy with the bench and purchase.

Now, I highly recommend buying from Gym Plus if you decide on getting this bench because the staff were helpful, the price was the lowest which included free shipping and the item was delivered without any damages and promptly. Great business and reliable courier, the same thing can't be said about others.

Great spotter arms

Bought the spotter arms to fit my force USA rack (as they were a far cheaper alternative). They fit around the rack perfectly, but the hole spacing must be different between force USA and ATTIVO, because the bottom safety pin hole doesn't line up... But I've never used safety pins anyway, so it's no big deal.
5 stars

Fast delivery. Great machine.

Fast delivery. Great machine.

Wow ! Awesome solid quality product

These dumbbells are made of extremely good quality materials and very well put together.
Outstanding value for money.

Happy Customer

Kids love the mat! Great quality and it was delivered quickly.

Good quality, solid product, delivery

Good quality, solid product, delivery was quick too.

Good quality, solid product and

Good quality, solid product and quick delivery.

Highly recommend

If you’re thinking about getting just do it so worth the money