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  • September 05, 2022 5 min read

    Children are born to be curious and they are naturally inclined to explore, climb and play on all sorts of things. You’ll likely find them climbing on the dining table chairs, hanging off the dog's kennel, jumping on your king bed and pretending it’s a giant sea of marshmallows, meanwhile they’re fighting off marshmallow pirates that are actually your $250 goose feather-filled pillows. Sometimes it’s the more expensive things too. And now the $6000 couch is covered in custard fingerprints and toddler drool. Having a well designed piece of equipment with multiple  colours, shapes and sizes will not only keep your little ones occupied but also develop their motor skills, enhance their physical development and keep your furniture in custard-free condition. It’s no secret that kids have a wild imagination and can just about create a world of their own in that little/big developing brain of theirs. There’s no better way to contribute to that than incorporating a beautifully finished wooden climber into their playroom. At Gym Plus, we have an amazing range of wooden climbers to add that finished touch to your child's playroom.

    Let's start from the most basic climbing triangle (SKU: PIKLERTRIANGLE-L). This includes uninterrupted play and allows children to develop and try things when they are ready and at their own pace. This climbing frame is great for indoor and outdoor use but is advised to be used indoors on days where it may be raining.Besides tackling the physical aspects of the child’s development, it trains little athletes on new ways to feel their own bodies, develop the sense of space and position, and the sense of balance. We call this the Pikler. The pikler has an overall 74cm in height and 74cm in width and span length of 92cm as this can be folded out as well as folden in and packed away. It can hold up to 40kg of weight and we suggest users be between the ages of 6 months to 6 years old. 

    Large Pikler Foldable Climbing Triangle Gym Plus

    This pikler also comes in different packages, one set (SKU: TRIANGLE+TENT) including the tent cover which can be placed over the top to create a little playhouse/clubhouse.


    Pikler Foldable Wooden Climbing Triangle with Tent


    And the other package (SKU: TRIANGLE+TENT+BOARD), featuring both the tent and pikler but also the ramp which includes the 2in1 rock climbing wall and slide. This is perfect for the playroom, living room or even the bedroom. The ramp comes with secure grooves on both ends which lock into the climbing triangle that is made of reliable sturdy construction, featuring sturdy beech wood rails and birch plywood frame. The triangle is the same dimensions mentioned in the previous description, whereas the ramp is 116cm in length and 40cm in width. Again, we recommend this product for children between 6 months and 6 yo.

    Pikler Foldable Climbing Triangle with Tent and Climbing Ramp Gym Plus

    2 in1 rock climbing wall and slide (SKU: ROCKER-BOARD)


    Pikler Foldable Climbing Triangle with Tent and Climbing Ramp Gym Plus 

    YOZZI Pikler Jungle Climbing Play Set of 4 Gym Plus

    This above package (SKU: JUNGLE-COMBO) and most updated package that features all of the 3 items mentioned before but also incorporates a play cube (SKU: CUBE-SRW07) that your toddler can crawl in and out of, climb on top of or climb slide down from. This play cube is 60cm in length, 60cm in width and 60cm in height, with a weight capacity of 40kg. This can be used as stabiliser for the slide to be used as a ramp between the cube and the pikler or as a little ramp for the slide to be attached onto. 

    YOZZI Wooden Climbing Cube Gym Plus

    The climbing cube  (SKU: CUBE-SRW07 can also be purchased separately and it's not just a climbing cube, you can also change it to a step stool, tunnel, chair, side table, nightstand and any other shape you may think of, improve kids' creativity and truly a mom's life helper! It can be used as a standalone climber or paired with our climbing triangle and ramp/slide combo to form an exciting indoor playground with endless possibilities. 

    Before you decide, have a look at our newest and coolest product, designed for 2 children and endless hours of fun. You can ensure there will be plenty of giggles and laughter with this contraption in site. The seesaw (SKU: SEESAW-WOODEN) is stabilised by a sturdy triangle made of birch plywood, sanded and smoothed over, as well as rounded edges. The whole seesaw has a length of 155cm, 14cm in width and 27cm in height. It’s most likely the most colourful seesaw you’ve ever seen! Plus it saves you time in the day taking them to and from the park, now you’ve got your very own park in your living room or backyard. This is also perfect for kindergartens and day care centres. This purchase is a no-brainer for your toddlers. 

    YOZZI 2 In 1 Wooden Seesaw and Bridge, Play Gym Equipment for Toddlers

    YOZZI 2 In 1 Wooden Seesaw and Bridge, Play Gym Equipment for Toddlers

    Next let have a look of the cute rainbow rocker (SKU: ROCKER-RAINBOW). Pretty sure you can see why it gets this name. This is the perfect piece for the little ones. This can either be used to climb on rock back and forth when flipped upside down. This awakens a child's imagination when used while enhancing their motor skills and improving balance. Their options are endless when it comes to how they’ll use this. Will it be a boat, a mountain, a stage for their dolls? Who knows, but I’m sure they’ll make up something. This rocker is 96cm in length, 56cm in width and 47cm in height making it an easily storable piece of equipment.

    YOZZI Wooden Rainbow Rocker Kids Play Board Rocking Seesaw

    Finally, we come to the large indoor gym playground climber play set. The indoor playground set (SKU: PIKLERGYM-COLOUR) is something you’d want to add and allows for plenty of different fun activities. It features a rock climbing panel that can be adjusted to 3 different levels but can be flipped over and converted to a slide. It also includes a swing and 2 rings to develop their gymnastics skills. And then you also have 2 options that allow them to climb to the top, one being a rope ladder and the other being wooden bars, each bar featuring a different colour.

    Kids Indoor Gym Playground Climber Wooden Play Set Gym Plus

    It’s perfect for indoors as it does not take up a tonne of room being only 126cm x 120cm and having a height of 120cm. This can also hold up to 150kg of weight. We recommend this product be used by children 6 months and older and be used with a safety mat placed underneath to ensure protection.

    Gym Plus Kids Indoor Gym Playground Climber Wooden Play Set


    Our next piece (SKU: CLIMBER-SRW08) is very similar, again encouraging climbing and development of their motor skills. It also features the climbing bars and the option of the interchangeable slide and climbing wall. It’s made of solid, sturdy beechwood and coated in a non-toxic varnish, making it extremely kid friendly. There’s also the feature of a rope ladder so they can climb all the way to the very top. This comes at 114cm in height, and a footprint of 108cm x108cm, allowing for 100kg worth of toddler weight. 

    Kids Wooden Climber Play Set Indoor Playground Gym Plus

    Kids Wooden Climber Play Set Indoor Playground Gym Plus


    Now that you have an idea of what options you have, what will it be? The climbing contraptions, the seesaw or will it be the rocker? Or is it all of them? I’d get all of them too if it meant my furniture stayed the way I originally purchased it for longer. All jokes aside, any of these are amazing investments for developing your child's motor skills through their vital growing years. 

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