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  • If your goal is to increase upper body strength, then you should get a bench press for your home gym. Gym Plus also offers a multi-functional bench press combo to serve the need for overall body strength building.

    The bench press combo is an upgrade version of weight benches. It not only provides the basic functions for weight training but also offers variations to your training routine. You could perform multi exercises in a bench press combo and the built-in safety features make it an ideal piece of fitness equipment at home.

    Our Gym Plus bench press combo is designed to offer a full-body strength-training solution, they provide everything you need to get a great workout from home. The all-in-one bench press set is an ideal choice for any level user looking to building, toning and maintaining muscle mass.

    The differences between benches. 

    There are several different types of benches you may want to know before you make a decision. 

    The flat weight bench is the most common bench. It is obvious that both ends of the flat bench are stressed evenly. To perform exercise on a flat bench, you need to lay down on the bench and press a barbell or dumbbells up and down. 

    Adjustable FID bench is also very popular because it combines the features of a flat bench, incline bench and decline bench. With an adjustable bench, you could adjust the back of the bench to between 45 and 60 degree to make sure your back is lean on the bench slightly. To make it a decline bench, you just need to adjust the back of the bench downward so that when you lie down your head is in a lower position that your feet. 

    Bench press combo is a type of bench press that have other built-in attachments which makes it a multi-functional workout station for home gym users. You can not only practice traditional weight training on the bench, but also squats and other exercises within one equipment. In addition, the additional features on a bench combo could assist the users exercise in a safe way, especially when they perform at home by themselves. 

    How to use weight bench?

    Although the structure of flat bench is quite simple and the price of it the most affordable amongst others. Practicing on a flat bench actually required a lot of efforts and there are a few things to consider before you start. 

    Firstly, always make sure you warm up your body, especially your chest and shoulders, before performing on a bench press. If you can, try to get a bench press combo with a built-in barbell rack. This is to make sure you have some sort of protection while you are pushing barbells by yourself in case of a failure. 

    Secondly, have your upper body supported by the bench. While you lean on or lie on the bench, make sure your back, head and neck are supported. You could either place your feet on the floor or on the bench. Before, adding weight on the barbell, you should try pushing an empty barbell and make sure your chest, shoulder and triceps have the strength and are ready for bench press workouts. 

    Then there are a few ways to grip the bar. For a traditional type of bench press exercise, you could open your arm a little wider than your shoulder. Or you could also do narrow grip bench press which requires you to grip a barbell with hands shoulder-width.