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Weight Benches

Keep your fitness goals on track with a weight bench for your home gym. A weight bench is a great addition to your home gym. It gives you a dedicated spot for weight training. Discover our Flat, FID, and adjustable fitness benches options and train like an elite athlete!

Flat Weight Bench

A versatile flat workout bench designed to handle heavy weight safely and securely. Flat Bench is a safe, simple and effective tool for nearly any exercise program.

Adjustable FID Bench

Adjustable flat, incline, decline FID bench. It is a perfect addition to any home gym. You can also easily manoeuvre it in and out of power cages, racks, cable machines, etc.

Bench Press Combo

Designed to offer a full-body strength-training solution, our bench press combo provides everything you need to get a great workout from home. The all-in-one bench press set is an ideal choice for any level user looking to building, toning and maintaining muscle mass.