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Standard yoga and fitness mats have their time and place, but when it comes to hardcore workouts they don’t cut it. They’re too small, they aren’t durable, shock absorption is minimal, and they’re slippery. So, it’s time to upgrade to heavy-duty fitness mats.

If you are looking for an option that is both durable and portable, choose a mat with a built-in hand strap. The strap on this folding exercise mat makes it easy to pop in the closet, carry to the bedroom to slide under the bed, or transport in your car.

If you require a larger workout space, Gym Plus has heavy-duty fitness mats in 3 extra-large sizes, each of which can comfortably accommodate 2 users at once. Leave your new non-slip mat out all the time or roll it up and secure it with the built-in Velcro. 

All of our mats provide enough cushion that you can use them for shoe-free workouts such as yoga, or you can wear your trainers on the mat.

Now that you have the cushion and shock absorption required for a comfortable and safe workout, it’s time to personalise your workout. There’s a growing trend in apparatus-free fitness routines, but don’t count out apparatus such as resistance bands, a pull-up bar, and more. Keep your accessories organised with a storage rack.