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  • Rope battling is one of the most popular fitness training to increase full-body strength and conditioning. Three common exercises that you can perform with a battle rope is wave, slams, and pull. The battle rope is thick and heavy so it can provide the resistance or users to achieve body strengthening goals.

    How to make the most of battle rope?

    Battle rope can not only provide some varieties on your fitness routine, but also allow you to enjoy the exercise at the same time.

    To exercise with battle rope effectively and achieve your goals in a relatively short amount of time, you should make the most of your fitness time with battle rope. While training with a rope, there is more than one way to battle it. Waving the rope up and down is the most common direction, but you can try different motions, such as side to side and move the rope in a circle. This will help you exercise different muscles and skills.

    Another thing you could do to achieve your goal faster is to extend your training time with battle rope and to stand closer to the anchor point. The extended time of training will help you focus and extends the time your muscles are under tension. Moving away or closer to the anchor point will adjust the rope resistance so that you can adjust it according to your training needs.

    The benefits of rope battling.

    Known as an effective tool for upper body cardio training. Rope battling can provide a wide variety of exercises to help you achieve your workout goals. The benefits of battle rope have been explored by a lot of people across several professions and been proven to be an effective way of training for swimmers, football players, boxers, martial artists, and so on.

    No matter you are new to fitness or an advanced gym attendee, you will benefit from battling rope.

    Battling rope is one of the most obvious advantages of gaining a full-body workout. It does not only work on your arm and shoulder but also provides a full-body workout. If losing weight is one of your goals, then you should try rope battling as it will help you burn fat effectively.

    Since rope battling is a strength-based exercise. One of its benefits is to help you build up muscles. Like other strength training, rope battling requires you to exercise against the weight of the rope. Battle rope normally weighs between 7kg and 12kg, it can be a great add-on to your daily free weight training. Especially if you are a beginner, you could start with battling rope and gradually take heavier weight training.

    To achieve the best result of rope battling, you should work on a three-element of battle rope exercise. Gradually increase the intensity level, rope weight, and the duration of your exercise while you become more comfortable with rope battling, you will see the changes in yourself in a relatively short time.