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  • MEMAX Gymnastic Inflatable Modules can transform any space into an exciting gymnastics or obstacle course training area. These modules are made of durable PVC tarpaulin material that is puncture and tear-resistant, ensuring safety and longevity. The modules inflate quickly and deflate for easy storage when not in use.

    One of MEMAX's most popular products is their inflatable balance beam. This beam comes in a variety of lengths, from 3 to 6 metres, providing progression for gymnasts of all skill levels. The beam is a classic gymnastics training tool for developing balance, coordination and confidence. MEMAX's inflatable balance beams provide a safe, progressive way for gymnasts to learn and improve their skills.

    MEMAX inflatable modules are a versatile, space-efficient way to transform any area into an exciting gymnastics or obstacle course training space. They provide progression for all skill levels and a variety of challenges to keep things interesting. Deflating and inflating the modules takes just minutes, so you can easily change up your configuration to keep things new and exciting. MEMAX’s high quality, durable construction ensures safety, longevity and maximum fun.

    MEMAX Gymnastic Inflatable Modules are high-quality, durable, and versatile training aids designed to support a wide range of gymnastic exercises. These inflatable modules are loved for their bounce, mobility, and adaptability, making them a perfect addition to any gymnastics training setup.

    Key Features

    • High-Quality Material: MEMAX Gymnastic Inflatable Modules are made from drop-stitched 1000-denier double-wall fabric, a special type of PVC coated fabric material that provides high strength, great stability, and good weather resistance.

    • Adjustable Firmness: The firmness and pressure of these inflatable modules can be easily adjusted using the included electric air pump, allowing gymnasts to customise the module to their comfort and training needs.

    • Versatility: These modules are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making them a versatile choice for various training environments.

    • Easy Storage and Maintenance: The modules are easy to clean, store away, and come with a repair kit, ensuring longevity and ease of use.

    • Safety: The black centre line on the modules is raised so gymnasts can feel the edge of the beam and focus on a safe landing.

    Benefits of Using MEMAX Gymnastic Inflatable Modules

    • Enhanced Training: The MEMAX Gymnastic Inflatable Modules allow gymnasts to perfect their routines and drills. They offer a safe and comfortable platform for practicing flips, tumbles, and other gymnastic exercises.

    • Mobility: The inflatable nature of these modules makes them easy to transport and set up, offering gymnasts the flexibility to train anytime, anywhere.

    • Safety: The modules are designed with safety in mind. The raised centre line and adjustable firmness help reduce the risk of injuries, providing a safe training environment.

    • Durability: Made from high-quality materials, these modules are designed to withstand rigorous training sessions, ensuring they last for years.