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Benefits of Dumbbell rack

First of all, a dumbbell rack provide storage space for your dumbbells, it will make sure all your weights are kept in place so that when you need them you can easily locate them. When it comes to organisation, another benefit of a dumbbell rack is that you could store your dumbbells in order of size. Normally, the heaviest weights are stored at the bottom of a dumbbell rack and the lightest on the top. This will also save you time finding the right dumbbell for your exercise.

Besides, the dumbbell rack takes up little space. In most commercial gyms, you could find dumbbell racks at a corner with other weights training equipment. If you are exercising at home, a dumbbell rack will definitely save your space for setting up other large pieces of fitness equipment. Without a dumbbell rack, all your dumbbells might scatter throughout the floor and makes it difficult to use the workout space efficiently.

The dumbbell rack is designed to help you organise your dumbbell, but its benefit is not limited to storage. Safety is another important factor that you should consider while doing exercises. Workout space might be filled with heavy equipment and it can be dangerous if the fitness space is not organised. Having dumbbells lying around increase the risk of tripping, stubbing a toe or other injury. While a dumbbell rack helps you to store all dumbbells in one place which avoids the risk of hurting yourself, it worth the investment.

What can you do with a dumbbell?

There are many different exercises you can do with a dumbbell.

While you use a flat or FID bench press, you could try the dumbbell bench press. Just lay on your bench and push the dumbbell up until your elbows are straight and then lower back slowly. It is a good exercise for the chest, triceps and front deltoids.

The alternated biceps curl is another dumbbell exercise that will strengthen your biceps muscles. You could perform it in several different ways such as raising both dumbbells at the same time or take turns, raise dumbbells up to your chest or halfway up, and holding the dumbbells with your palms facing each other or facing up.

Besides, the shoulder press is to raise dumbbells to overhead height. It could be an ideal upper body exercise for your shoulder strength. Other shoulder strengthening exercises include upright row, lateral raise and lying fly. Triceps kickback and kneeling one arm row are to exercise triceps obviously. Stationary lunge and toe raise are exercises that focus on lower body training. They could help strengthen your quadriceps, glutes, and calves.