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Some of the most common kids’ gymnastics training aids and accessories.

Tumbler Training Aids

Kids Gymnastic Tumbler Training Aids Cylinder and U Shapes consist of 3 cylinders and 2 U shape. The U shape forms a cradle supports the Tumble cylinder and keeps it stationary, combining for a great obstacle for climbing or vaulting over.

Our octagon tumbler training cylinders provide stability and support when teaching tumbling skills and fundamental body shapes. These training aids are suitable for any age or ability making them a popular choice for day care centres, preschools, gyms, and physical therapy units. Made out of PVC and Firm high-density EPE foam core. For triangle step you can try our Tunnel and Mail Box 2 pack pieces. Our Donut 3-Piece block serve as a great tumbler training aids for active play.

Incline Wedge Mat

Folding Incline Mats are great for learning walkovers and tumbling exercises. Made of non-toxic lead-free durable resistant and non-absorbent vinyl cover with Firm high-density EPE foam.

Ninja Steps

With Velcro straps all around, our ninja steps are highly configurable, letting you easily change their configuration into sturdy ninja cubes, speed bumps, or hurdles at your home or martial arts centre. You could also use four of these Slanted Ninja Steps to make an obstacle course, mega slant, or table that's perfect for ninja rolls.

Parallette Floor Bars

This Floor Bar allows for training of gymnastics bar skills that require handstand control, such as giants and clear-hip, tap-lifting drills, handstands, pirouettes, in-bar and late-drop skills. Gym Plus Floor Bar provides beginners or advanced gymnasts the ability to practice and perfect bar skills and drills.

MEMAX Adjustable Height Parallette Bars can be used for a variety of different gymnastic and home fitness trainings, such as L-sit, handstand, plank, push-ups, and many more. The smooth wooden handle protects your wrists and offers you a perfect grip during training. Ideal for any level gymnasts and athletes.

Tumbling Air Block Mats

This air block mat is a common feature at all gymnastics clubs and is a must-have at home to help your child practice safely. It helps to cushion the feet and body upon landing and is essential for practising tumbling, jumping, and other moves.

Air Block Mat 100x100x20cm for punch fronts, back tucks, and dive rolls, and it helps to work on technique of jumps, leaps, and turns. Dancers can use this Air Block for practicing pirouettes, fouettés, and leaps. If you are trying more precise movements you can try the smaller size Air Spot Mat with 100cm diameter in round shape.  The Air Barrel Inflatable Roller will make a perfect company with our air block mats.


A vault is a piece of gymnastic equipment and skill. It is a horse-shaped rod that is set perpendicularly for women and parallelly for men. Vaulting is performed by running on a padded runway, hurdling on a springboard, and then landing on the vault on the hands. Beginner children simply hold this position while those at an advanced level escalate into another tumble. Gym Plus Foam Vaulting box is made of a high-density foam core and a non-absorbent PU leather surface. Its soft nature makes it ideal for gymnastic beginners or children who are fearful of conventional hardwood vaulting box. And as a training aid, it can not only be used in schools and clubs for gymnastic training but also be used in the therapy areas.

Plyometric Box/ Jump Box

Plyo box or jump box can be commonly used in fitness training, especially plyometric activities. his MEMAX plyometric box is made of non-absorbent PU leather and high-density EPE interior foam. A set of the plyometric box comes with 4 soft blocks with different height. You could use them separately or stack them for different height needs.

Gym Chalk

Whether your exercises are pull-ups or barbells, our chalk blocks rise to the challenge. Great grip for bar work, kettlebell, exercise balls, wall balls, jump ropes, weights, dumbbells, climbing rope, tire flips, hammer swings, atlas stones, and more! Tired of messy chalk dust getting on your clothes and sporting gear, our liquid grip chalk ensures you won’t be kicked out of your gym because of your chalky mess. For gymnastics studios, rock climbing, fitness gyms, our Chalk Bowl Stand with wide opening makes chalking up fast and easy and prevents chalk from spilling.