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  • Our Range include both single and dual density foam mats to suit different requirements and skill levels. With optimal shock absorption capabilities, our mats will effectively minimise the impact on joints and muscles, reducing the risk of injuries.

    Considering the specific needs of professional gymnasts, our mats also come in various sizes to accommodate different training environments. Additionally, they are equipped with durable handles and hook-and-loop fasteners for easy transportation and secure mat-to-mat connection.
    Our professional safety and landing mats are an essential component of any gymnastics facility, ensuring the well-being and confidence of gymnasts as they push their boundaries and strive for excellence. Trust Gym Plus and order today!

    Gymnastics Crash Mats and Landing Mats: Your Essential Guide

    Gymnastics is a dynamic and graceful sport that requires discipline, precision, and meticulous training. As athletes twist, turn, and flip, they often push the boundaries of their physical abilities. Therefore, the safety aspect is of paramount importance. It is here that gymnastics safety mats and landing mats come into the picture. They form the fundamental part of any gymnastics training facility, offering the necessary protection and safety for athletes during their practices and performances.

    Understanding Gymnastics Safety Mats
    Gymnastics safety mats, as the name suggests, are intended to provide a safe landing space for gymnasts. These mats are made from high-density foam and are designed to cushion the fall, thus minimising the risk of injury.

    The type of safety mat varies depending on the specific discipline within gymnastics. For instance, thicker mats might be used in areas where athletes practice tumbling, vaults, or dismounts from apparatus, such as uneven bars. On the other hand, thinner mats might be used for activities with a lower risk of falling, like floor exercises.

    The Role of Landing Mats in Gymnastics
    Landing mats, while also offering protection, are often thicker and broader than regular safety mats. These mats are specifically designed to absorb the high-impact landings that are common in gymnastics. They are placed under apparatuses like the vault, the uneven bars, and the balance beam. They are also commonly used in the corners of the floor exercise area, where gymnasts often tumble and flip.

    Landing mats have a soft, cushioned surface that helps to protect gymnasts from hard landings, thus reducing the risk of serious injuries like sprains, fractures, or concussions. The additional cushioning also offers comfort to gymnasts, allowing them to focus more on their performance.

    Making the Right Choice
    When selecting safety and landing mats, certain factors need to be taken into consideration:

    • Material: Look for high-density foam that can withstand repeated impacts. The cover material should be durable and easy to clean.
    • Size: The size of the mat should be appropriate for the specific gymnastics activity. It should offer enough coverage to adequately cushion falls.
    • Thickness: Thicker mats offer more protection, particularly for high-impact activities.
    • Safety Standards: The mat should meet the safety standards laid out by gymnastics organisations. For instance, the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) has specific guidelines on mat thickness, size, and placement.

    Final Thoughts
    Gymnastics safety mats and landing mats play a crucial role in protecting athletes from injuries, thereby enhancing their performance and confidence. As such, it's essential for gyms, schools, and athletes to invest in high-quality, durable mats that meet all safety standards. By understanding the roles and features of these mats, one can make a more informed decision and contribute significantly to the safety and success of every gymnast.