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  • April 18, 2021 6 min read

    For those who are new to gymnastic training, you will find people talking about inflatable gymnastic mat quite often. A lot of parents are considering purchasing one for their kids, but you may find confused as there are quite a few different inflatable mats for gymnastics in the market.

    Here are some tips to guide you through the journey of choosing your first inflatable air mat for gymnastics.    

    Why do you need an air track mat?

    You may have noticed a trend that the air track is replacing traditional foam gymnastic exercise matMissing_anchor_new in gymnastic training at home and gym. But why is the air mat becoming more and more popular?

    First, it can be adjusted in its firmness to suit your needs. The good thing about an air pressure mat is that it has a valve system which allows you to control the pressure of the mat by filling in and letting out air. In this case, you can either set it be hard or soft.     

    Secondly, it is safe for gymnastic exercises. The air pressure mat provides a bounce, so there is enough support for safe landing and in case of fall. These mats normally vary from 10cm to 20cm thickness. They are sturdy and thick enough to withstand outside force.

    Thirdly, it is easy to set up and carry around. The air track can be easily inflated and deflated.

    Gymnastic Inflatable Air Spot Mat 100x20cm Gym PlusMissing_anchor_new

    With an electric pump, it's only a thing in a few minutes. When the mat is deflated, it can be rolled up and does not take up much storage. If you want to take it somewhere else, just put it in the car and take it around.

    Fourthly, it can be used in various scenes. The air track is suitable for all levels of users. No matter you want to practice gymnastics at home, or doing high-performance training in the gym, an air track can always meet your needs. The air track can be placed on ground, grass, and water. Providing you various choices and enjoyment.      




    Which air track to choose?

    Now, some common types of inflatable mats are rectangle air trackMissing_anchor_new, round air matMissing_anchor_new, roller air mat, square air matMissing_anchor_new and air balance beam. They can be easily distinguished by their shapes.

    The air track is often referring to the 1m wide rectangle air matMissing_anchor_new. It is the most common and popular one amongst them as it is multi purpose so that can serve a wide range of activities and gymnastic practices.

    Gym Plus Multiple Sizes Inflatable Air Track Mat Tumbling Floor Home Gymnastics Mat with Electric PumpMissing_anchor_new

    Since most air tracks are 90-105cm in width, there are also super large air tracks which are as wide as 200cm. These 2m wide super large air trackMissing_anchor_new provide extra space for activities and practices.

    Super Large Air Track 2M Wide Inflatable Tumbling Mat with Pump – Multiple Lengths Gym PlusMissing_anchor_new

    Air spotMissing_anchor_new is the air mat with a round shape. It is often used as a landing point to help users improve their movement to be more precise. The air spot can be used in conjunction with air track as a springboard.


    Missing_anchor_newAir blockMissing_anchor_new is a square air mat. Like the air spot, it is also usually served as a landing point and can be used with other types of air mats.  Missing_anchor_new Missing_anchor_new


    Air rollerMissing_anchor_new is a common equipment in gym and at home. It can be used as a training aid in gymnastics, such as back handspring, back tuck, and front handspring drills, obstacle courses. Moreover, it is also quite popular in dance, yoga and body shaping.     



    This inflatable balance beam is loved for its bounce and mobility and is the perfect addition to any air mat or gymnastics training setup. It allows you to take a piece of your gymnastics gym home, to the studio, on the road, or anywhere else. Train anytime, anywhere.

    Since there are quite a few different air mats to choose from, which one would suit you the best?

    Here are some questions you should ask yourself before you buy.

    What do you want to use it for?

    For those who just started gymnastic training, an 1m wide air trackMissing_anchor_new is the first thing you should get. And the reason is obvious - you need a mat to practice on and air track can provide the comfortable and safe features. In addition, it is widely used in gymnastics and activities across home and gym environment and has been chosen and reviewed by thousands of customers.

    Advanced users who want more practice space may find the super large air track useful. The super large air matMissing_anchor_new is wider than normal air track mat (2 metres in width), so if you are moving to a next level and want to challenge yourself with more advanced skills, these extra-large air tracks will suit your need.

    Air rollerMissing_anchor_new is also a great choice for those who need assistance in improving tumbling skills. It provides support to the body and help users develop skills from walkovers to handsprings. Besides, people who are interested in body shaping would love it for its flexibility. Providing support to the lower-body and exercise the upper-body or vice versa.   

    Gym Plus Air Barrel Inflatable Roller – Multiple Sizes (Mint)Missing_anchor_new

    Gym Plus Air Barrel Inflatable Roller – Multiple Sizes (Mint)Missing_anchor_new

    Air spotMissing_anchor_new and air block are both smaller size air mats. If you want to specifically practice your landing movement, no matter it's your feet or hands touching the ground. You will benefit from an air spot or an air block.

    Gain confidence without risking injury by lowering your fear barrier and the chance of injuries while practicing beam exercises at home or in gym! Thanks to the inflatable balance beam, gymnasts can feel the edge of the beam, enabling them to focus on their landings. The AirBeam is over a foot wide with a thick centre line, enabling you to land next to the beam without spraining an ankle.

    Our website also provides combo set tumble track with electric air pumpMissing_anchor_new. Bundle with an air track, air roller and air block to make it perfect for daily home practice. 

    Gym Plus 3pcs Set of Inflatable Gymnastics Air Mat Tumble Track with Electric Air Pump

    The 5 piece ultimate gymnastics air mat combo includes an air track mat, air beam (3/4/5/6m) air barrel/roller (120cmx80cm), air spot (100cmx20cm), and an air board (100cm x 60cm x10cm) at your choice. This also includes an electric air pump to suit your desired feel and a repair kit in case you go a little too crazy.  We have 9 combos available. Not only is this extremely affordable and probably the best bang for your buck but also includes the most durable, reliable and stable pieces to assist your gymnastics training. 

    How much do you want to spend on this?

    Choose the right size

    The price of an air track mat normally varies from $200 to $1,000. The more budget you have, the larger size you would get.

    For those young kids who just started gymnastic, you might not need a large air track to start with. Then a 1m wide 3m long air trackMissing_anchor_new will be well enough. But for advanced users, you might want to expand your budget to get to larger air track which can best serve your needs.

    Choose the one with an electric pump

    Electric pump can save your time and energy when inflating and deflating air mats. Some air mat products are sold as a package with a free electric air pump, but others don't. Choosing one comes with an electric pump can save money, an electric pump alone is sold at around $50 - $60 nowadays.




    How much space do you need to set up an air mat?

    Although air mats are portable and can be used in various of scenes. You need to think about the space it will take up especially when you want to practice gymnastic at home. The size of air track ranges from 1mx3m to 2mx6m. It is wise to be clear how large your lounge room or garage is before making a decision.

    All in all, inflatable air mats are essential for gymnastic training and there are quite a few different types of them. Choosing the right one for your kids or family would definitely boost the efficiency of improving skills and bring joy to your family.  

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