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Why do you need a squat rack or a power cage?

 A Squat Rack is an essential fitness equipment that ensures users safety when they are doing weightlifting. Without a squat rack, the squat exercise can be very difficult as it requires lifters to perform a clean, partial press, and allow the weight to pass over their heads and onto their shoulders. With a squat rack, the stress on the performer’s knees will be reduced. In addition, exercising while using a squat rack is much safer than without it, especially when you are training by yourself. In case of a failure, squat rack will be able to catch the barbell which would reduce the risk of hurting yourself by falling weights. 

The same for power cages, which not only serve the function of power rack, but also could be used to perform a variety of exercises for a full-body workout. Their sturdy frame and structure make it more and more popular amongst people who wishing to set up a gym studio at home. 

Both designed for strength training, the difference between a squat rack and a power cage is that power rack is mainly used for squats with weights, and power cages are multi-functional. Gym Plus offers basic squat rack as well as some bench presses with the same function of squat rack. There are also options of power cages for you to consider. 

How to use a squat rack?

Although squatting is already a pretty common exercise and almost everyone in the gym have it in their workout plan, it cannot be emphasized enough the importance of using the equipment correctly in order to achieve your goal in an effective and safe way. 

Here are some things for you to consider:

Firstly, it is important to set up the equipment correctly and then adjust the height of it to around shoulder height. You should test the bar height several times to make sure it is in a suitable position. 

Then make sure you are in a central position when you grip the bar so to keep balance of the bar and avoid hurting yourself. 

Always to check and make sure the weights plates are secured in place at either end of the bar.

Remember to load suitable weight the first time and slightly add weights progressively. Too much or not enough weight will either hurt yourself or get yourself stuck.