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    ATTIVO Seated Row/Chest Pull Machine with Independent Arms

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    ATTIVO Seated Row/Chest Pull Machine with Independent Arms

    The ATTIVO Plate Loaded Seated Row Machine is a versatile exercise machine offering a full body workout. It is an ideal piece of equipment to develop a strong and muscular back by building depth in the middle back, while also strengthening the lat muscles!

    ATTIVO Seated Row Machine/Chest Pull Machine is perfect for athletes of all levels, in any home or garage gym, or light-commercial fitness centre.

    • Heavy duty back row. Constructed of 5x5cm, 12-gauge steel, its max weight load of 90kg per arm (180kg total max weight load).
    • Independent Arms. Each arm works independently of each other. This gives you the option to work both sides of your back at the same time or in an alternating manner. Either way, this allows you to focus on each side of your back (without one side doing the bulk of the work), so you can strengthen each side of your back muscles including the lat muscles and spinal erectors, as well as your biceps as a secondary target.
    • Versatile Grips. Comes with stationary grip handle that allows you to target your back muscles like a T Row/T Bar Row Machine, as well as a rotating grip handle. The rotating grip handle allows you to pivot your arm naturally during the row for a more comfortable movement/workout with less strain on your elbows.
    • Plate Loaded. Hold both standard and Olympic sized weights or bumper weight plates. Includes 2 Olympic sleeve adapters, and both Olympic and standard sized spring clips.
    • Adjustable seat and chest pad.
    • Rubber end caps on each foot of the Row Machine provide additional stability to the frame and prevent damage to your home gym floor.

    Note: Weight plated are not included.

    • 5x5cm, 12-gauge steel.
    • Max weight load of 90kg per arm; 180kg total max weight load.
    • Net weight: 37kg

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Chris Prest
    Good bit of gear

    Good machine, really targets the middle and lower traps and rhomboids well with the wide grip handles. Inner handles good for lats. Needs finer increments of adjustment on the chest support though. I have drilled extra holes in mine to give it finer adjustment. I like how it takes standard weight plates. Not real sure what the padded ankle support thing does or how to use it so i dont use it but no big deal. Overall, a good machine for the money.

    Happy with my purchase.

    Row Machine works good. Quick postage and easy assembly.

    Mike Knowles
    Great machine

    Great machine. Handles the weight well