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    ATTIVO Stitched Medicine Wall Ball 10KG



    Our ATIIVO stitched medicine balls are ideal for building strength and endurance. Change up your workout routine to incorporate throwing and catching exercises and vary up HIIT training.

    The medicine ball is made of polyurethane-coated artificial leather, making it ideal for exercises where you need a firm grip. Especially with circuit or core exercises like the "Russian Twist", it is essential that you have the ball under full control and can choose between different weights. The soft med ball won't damage if it were to fall or be dropped.


    • Versatile design suitable for various core strength workouts
    • Latest non-slip textured surface for increased grip and feel
    • Reinforced stitching for extra strength
    • Strong synthetic PU leather
    • Absorbs impact when thrown against rigid surfaces
    • Increase difficulty and enhance results during sit ups, lunges and squats
    • Perfect for incorporating throwing and catching into your HIIT sessions

    1. Due to the stitched construction these balls are not a perfect round shape and so will not roll in a perfect straight line.
    2. These stitched wall balls are not designed for slamming. If you want to be able to throw a ball hard against the floor or wall then you need to purchase a slam ball instead.

    • ATTIVO 10KG Medicine Wall Ball (Green)
    • Available in a range of weights: 4KG, 6KG, 8KG, and 10KG
    • All weights are approx. 35cm diameter

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