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    MEMAX Soft Pit Crash Mat

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    MEMAX Soft Pit Crash Mat

    MEMAX Soft Pit Mat is perfect for gymnasts and all your athletic desires and curiosities. It conditions and prepares gymnasts for competition day, helps them achieve amazing flips while also being a super fun piece of apparatus to play on. Its padding somewhat feels like a very plush mattress and perfect for landing. These soft and low-density foam mats are must-haves at stations where the athlete needs to land on belly, backs, knees, or feet. It allows athletes to perform more confidently, knowing a soft and comfortable mat is underneath them.

    This apparatus is made of low-density foam and covered in a soft-denim material. There are loop straps sewed on top of the mat which means you have the ability to connect several mats together to create a larger landing area using its hook straps or stack them vertically to make a taller landing area. You’re also able to carry it around very easily with its built-in carry straps on the ends. These soft pit mats are available in 3 sizes, the first being 1mx1m and 15cm in height. The second being 1.2mx1.2m and again, 15cm in height or 20cm in height. The third and last mat being 1.5mx1.5m and is available in either 20cm or 30cm in height. All in all, this is a perfect mat to add to your gymnastics collection or any gymnastics studio. Get in quick, they are one of our best!

    MEMAX Soft Pit Mat will come vacuum packed in a sealed bag to cut down the shipping size. Please allow 24 - 48 hours for the foam to expand after opening it.

    This MEMAX Soft Pit Mat has been tested by accredited laboratory to meet Australian standard AS 4422:2016. The 15cm mat is certified to critical fall height of 2.5m for safety reassurance. Thicker versions of our mats can offer higher safety assurance.

    • Soft and low-density foam core, providing a safe and comfortable place for athletes to land on their belly, backs, knees, or feet.
    • Soft denim cover.
    • Athletes will perform more confidently, knowing a soft mat is underneath them.
    • Loop straps sewed on top of the mat. Mat can be connected one another to make a larger landing area by using hook straps (can be purchased separately from our store).
    • Loop straps sewed on top and hook straps sewed on bottom of each mat, so that you can also attach and stack these mat vertically to make a thicker landing area.
    • Handles on each side for easy carrying.
    • Available in 3 sizes with thickness from 15cm to 30cm.

    Firmness Grade: Soft.
    • Foam firmness test tool: Shore C durometre tester.
    • Test methodology: Measure five locations of each sample mat and average the result of five measurements.

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      Great quality fast delivery reasonable price