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  • March 22, 2024 3 min read

    Our goal at Gym Plus is to make it easier for you to achieve yours. Our brand ATTIVO is your ultimate partner in crime when it comes to building out your home gym set-up. Specialising in indestructible quality for your garage gym with a few semi-commercial pieces scattered throughout our range, you never have to worry about quality when purchasing with us. From benches, power racks, cable machines, storage, weight and bars, an extensive scope of conditioning equipment and accessories there are no limitations for you in  

    Benefits of Strength Training + Dispelling Common Myths 

    • Increased muscle mass 
    • Improved metabolism 
    • Enhanced functional strength 
    • Bone Health 
    • Mental Health Benefits 

    Getting Started 

    It is important to not try to go too hard too fast. We are all fans of pushing ourselves but if your body hasn’t had previous experiences in even minor weight training it can be easy to get carried away and lead to injuries. Always start off with lighter weights and practise your FORM. You hear it all the time but it is for good reason, improper form will lead to injuries - which will put you out of the gym and impact your ability to progress.

    ATTIVO Strength Equipment 

    We are here to bring you the best quality strength equipment at even better prices. Our range is extensive allowing you to create your ideal set up for every muscle group, in the comfort of your own home. 

    Whilst leg day can be painful, we try to make it less painful on your bank account. The best sellingATTIVO Leg Curl Extension Machine is always a crowd favourite and has sold out multiple times as soon as it comes back in stock. 

    There are some machines at the gym that you make love but look at and think jeez I could never fit that in my space, one of them being the leg press in particular. However, ourATTIVO Vertical Leg Press is a compact version of the staple commercial version. You get what you want without the need to compromise. 

    Another vital muscle group that cannot be overlooked - of course the calves. TheATTIVO Seated Calf Raise Machine V2.0, will allow you to take leg day to the next level at home. 

    Limiting the momentum you get from standing calf exercises you can ensure that you are targeting them in the most optimal way. 

    Ok enough about legs… lets move on! 

    Our personal favourite muscle group to train - Back :) 

    TheATTIVO Wall Mount Cable Machine is another best seller and for good reason. Compact in design, yet does not limit the possibilities. Pared along with ourattachments you will be unstoppable. 

    To round out all the muscle groups let's finish off strong, with arms. ATTIVO Preacher Arm Curl Bicep and Tricep Machine will enable you to isolate the movement to the targeted muscle group. And while free weights are good, a post-isolation pump does not compare. 

    To explore even more ATTIVO Strength Equipmentclick here!We could go on and on but you should see for yourself. ATTIVO is exclusive to Gym Plus, it’s our brand and we are constantly developing and making improvements when necessary. Our quality is unmatched, just check our customer reviews. 

    As always if you have any specific questions or would like to get in touch you can do so here. 

    Gym Plus Team :)  

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