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    April 03, 2024 2 min read

    Thanks to the popularity of many great shows such as Ninja Warrior, Survivor and the like; Obstacle courses and Ninja Gyms have become quite the attraction for both kids and adults. They are a fun and engaging way to keep fit - the concentration required during each step makes you lose yourself in the activity and time passes by without you even knowing. Unlike you begging for it to end at the gym, having fun is the best way to keep fit. Whether you have the space at home to create your own course for yourself or your kids, or you are a new business starting up a gym, a school etc. we are here to be your go-tos.

    Let’s explore the essentials!

    • Ninja Warrior Obstacles

    It is important to remember that you can get quite creative with ninja obstacles and some things don’t need to be essentially classified as ‘ninja’. Take our foldable balance beam

    for example, a best-selling product that can be incorporated into a ninja obstacle course, some would say ‘This is easy’ but incorporate a time limit or goal and even people with the best balance will struggle (just think about all the things you say watching Ninja Warrior). Gymnastic rings are also a great item to incorporate with others for a considerable challenge.

    • Climbing Walls

    MEMAX Ninja System with Vertical Wall

    A new addition to the MEMAX range is the Ninja Vertical Wall, this one in particular is perfect for early learning centres as well as primary schools! Featuring a stackable construction you can build it up or use each module as their own jump box.

    • Plyometric Boxes and Jumping Platforms

    Speaking of jump boxes - we have a few great ones to choose from: For the smaller ninja warriors the MEMAX Octogon Step and Jump Platforms are a fantastic choice as they are stackable and come in lovely bright colours perfect for entertaining the little ones. These can also be used as elevated stepping stones and arranged in various ways to keep things fun, but of course this is not just limited to kids. For those who need a bit of vertical challenge the ATTIVO Plyometric Boxes

    • Ninja Training Accessories

    If you need some chalk for the best grip make sure to add our chalk stand to your cart, and of course some chalk to go with it. If you are already a true ninja and want to add the next level of difficulty to your course grab an ATTIVO weight vest, this versatile piece of equipment will be with you forever and can be used to amplify any exercise.


    • Full Body Workout
    • Fun and Challenging
    • Suitable for all ages

    Unsure where to get started?

    Check out our MEMAX Ninja System - 15 Pieces Set

    If you have any questions regarding any of our items please feel free to reach out to us here! This also goes for any feedback you would like to give us or products you would like to see from us!

    All the best!

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