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    April 03, 2024 3 min read

    Maintaining a consistent workout schedule can be challenging these days. Whether we like it or not we all have several commitments that need our attention, work, kids, family, friends, we don’t need to tell you. Fitting in time to go to the gym may feel overwhelming for many reasons - uninviting environment, travel time, business, odd characters whatever it is. However you can’t go through life and ignore the benefits of regular exercise, both physical and mental. The rise of remote work and the general convenience of having a gym in our garage is so appealing. As always we want to reduce the friction between you and the achievement of your goals, and an extensive power rack much like our ATTIVO L4 Power Rack will do this for you.

    Unmatched build quality + specs

    • Suitable for home or commercial use
    • 60 x 60 mm uprights - with 2mm thick steel construction
    • Multi-grip pull up bar
    • Fully adjustable - 16 levels with 1” diameter holes spaces at 8cm intervals
    • Heavy duty foot plates with bolt down option
    • Powder coated for durability in a matte black finish

    Make small spaces work harder!

    Alone the L4 has a minimal foot of 122 x 148 cm, but it’s compactness does not impact what you can do.

    And don’t get us started on attachments…

    But fine we will :) Unlimited attachments allow you to truely create your ideal gym set up. As mentioned the L4 has 60 x 60mm uprights meaning it is compatible with all our 60 x 60 attachments. Please make sure when you are purchasing the attachments that you either select them as an add on, on the product page for the L4 itself or you check the product description for the size! Just a heads up as it is quite a common issue of people buying the attachment for alternative upright dimensions.

    Anyway now that is out the way - 1 set of j-cups are included in the power rack box but you can also add an additional set if you would like to not move them between your squat height and your chest press height for example.

    Dip Bars can also be purchased creating a very versatile set up allowing you to hit your triceps and other calisthenic movements.

    As we know safety is the number one priority - real ones will get the reference and this rack is compatible with either our safety straps or our safety spotter arms so you can squat in with peace of mind.

    Potentially the best attachment but let us know if you disagree - The landmine, there is so much you can do with this, rows, presses, squats. Whilst this can all be done using free weights it, it is always beneficial to incorporate versatile movements. The motion provided by the landmine attachment reduces pressure on the joints and allows for the engagement of alternative stabilising muscles. And if you require another spot to put your barbell you can add our pair of holders.

    The L4 can also be purchased with a Cable Pulley System, allowing to have a comprehensive garage gym. In addition to the cables, we have a significant number of attachments and very reasonable prices. Everything you would have at the gym you can have at your disposal at home.

    Cable Attachments Include:

    Let’s summarise, if you are building out a home gym, you can’t go wrong with the ATTIVO L4 Power Rack. It truely has everything you need and there is no limit in terms of exercises or attachments, whether you bundle up and save buying everything now or accumulate extras over time, it isn’t going anywhere and for good reason. Commercial quality for an incredible prices what more do you need. Make sure to check the L4 Garage Gym Package for the best bundle price ;)

    If you have any questions you could not find the answer to please get in touch with us here and we are more than happy to assist you.

    Thank you for your support!

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