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  • July 06, 2022 5 min read

    It can be a difficult endeavour when it comes to choosing the right bar for your gymnastics training. Whether you’re just beginning, somewhere in the middle or even up there with the big league gymnasts, we have training bars for everybody here at GymPlus. But there are a few things to take into consideration when purchasing a training bar and that is why we have put together a guide to help make that choice just that little bit easier for you. 

    1. Gymnastic Uneven Bars/Parallel Bars

    MEMAX Competition Gymnastic Uneven Bars Parallel Bar - Fibreglass Rail

    First on the list is our biggest and best training bar as seen above, commonly seen in competitive gymnastics as a staple piece. It’s a core tool for those insane flips and air time you see your favourite gymnasts achieve. It features an adjustable height with the low bar from 90cm-140cm and a high bar height from 140cm-190cm, done so using the quick release and lock design installed in each of the steel upright poles. The bars are made of carbon steel and are coated in a tough powder coat finish. However keep in mind that this bar is recommended to be used outdoors or undercover where the rain, sun and severe weather won’t damage it entirety. The width between the feet of this bar is quite significant, with a length of 180cm and a width of 174cm. The bar provides plenty of room to lie a tumbling mat at its feet so you don’t break an ankle before you even start. Lastly, it includes a weight capacity of 150kg, and comes in aqua blue. We recommend this for more advanced ages of 5+ years.

    Again we have another amazing staple piece for all your favourite gymnastics skills but as you can see is a little bit more narrow in width. If you're after something that doesn’t take up a whole lot of room in the backyard, this is your guy! It has a footprint of 180cm in length and 170cm in width. The adjustable height on the low bar is 100cm-140cm and the high bar is between 130cm-190cm. The horizontal bars are made of fibreglass which is a material that the professional gymnasts use and ensures the safety of your hands and joints.  This bar is truly a sight for sore eyes with its heavy steel construction, sturdy structure and tough powder coat finish, which means it’ll stay looking flashy for longer than you'd even realise. Keep in mind that it is essential that this product is checked regularly for signs of loose screws. Failure to do so could result in a serious accident. Ensure also that all screws are firmly tightened and the horizontal bar is securely locked before each use. The purchase price of this bar also makes it a more budget friendly option. This is recommended for ages 5+. 

    2. Advanced Gymnastics Bar

    The physical benefits of gymnastics are perhaps the most obvious and it sets up a healthy lifestyle for your young ones now and in the future. If your kid is a beginner, entry level or needs a little bit more practice outside of their regular gymnastics classes, this bar is it. The height of the bar can be adjusted from 120-180cm and fits different needs for your kids as time goes on. It has a whopping 250cm in length, ensuring maximum stability of its structure. The width is slightly smaller, sitting at 136cm but perfect for a 120cm gymnastics tumbling mat that you can  also find a variety of within our store. The horizontal bar is 35mm and made of fibreglass like the majority of our bars here at Gym Plus. You’ll also find that the installation instructions are super straightforward and easy to understand, making it a super quick process of setting up. No rocket science involved, trust me. This bar has a weight capacity of 150kg. Purchase price is $489.95. Available in dark blue and pink.

    3. Elite High Bar and Gymnastic Rings Unit (INTERCHANGEABLE)



    The perfect bar for calisthenics training…no joke! With this you can do indoor and outdoor exercises where the whole body is challenged. Originally, the rings were almost exclusively used by gymnasts, but more and more strength athletes, rowers, climbers and recreational athletes have been incorporating it into their training and conditioning. It has a ring height adjustment of 120cm-170cm and a foot length of 200cm x 175cm.

    If you decide to purchase the ring unit, it is also interchangeable with the elite high bar as seen in the photograph below. All you have to do is remove the top using the click-lock system and simply swap it out. The elite high bar is amazing in terms of stability with a foot length of 200cm and a width of 175cm. The height adjustment ranges from 140cm-190cm making it a superb choice for more advanced gymnasts or even taller athletes. It has a weight capacity of 150kg and comes in aqua blue.

    4. Junior Training Gymnastics Bar 


    Our junior training bar with 10 adjustable heights, ranging from 95cm-145cm is designed to keep little ones fit, encourage healthy weight management, strong bones, improved cardiovascular fitness and of course to develop their love of gymnastics. If you haven’t noticed already, the feet of this bar have a slight ‘J’ curvature which prevents the bar from tipping and causing injury. Considering it has only one horizontal bar, the weight of any body composition can sway the stability which is why the curved feet are such a major factor when choosing a bar for your little ones, you want to take into account safety as well as practicality.  The weight capacity sits at 100kg with a product weight of 25kg, allowing for easy movement across the backyard. The bar is available in hot pink, lilac purple and aqua blue. Also features a smooth, tough powder coat finish to keep your bar looking pretty for longer. This product is suited for entry level gymnasts. We do not recommend this product for advanced gymnasts or kids with several years of experience.

    5. Kids Gymnastics Monkey Bars

    Lightweight, easy to use and extremely kid friendly are our gymnastics training bars or as we like to call it, ‘monkey bars’. This bar encourages a more physical lifestyle for your little ones and utilises muscles that may not get used frequently enough. The best feature of this bar is that it can be used indoor or outdoors with 4 rubber pads on each corner to protect it from scratching the floors and causing it to slide on varnished wood. It has 4 adjustable heights, ranging from 84cm-137cm and the weight capacity of 120kg. We recommend adult supervision as this would be a bar suitable for kids 3+.

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