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  • June 27, 2022 2 min read


    Men's Olympic Barbell - ZEUS Bar 20KGIntroducing the 20kg Zeus Barbell designed to optimize your strength training and take it to a whole other level, aesthetically and athletically! This barbell is designed for garage use and truly is a bar for the kings and queens aiming to hit those PB’s (personal bests) through power movements like deadlifts, squats, bench press and cleans but still perfect for HIIT circuits, Crossfit training and Powerlifting 1RMs. 

    The barbell has been designed to not only be extremely durable, functional and efficient but also stylish, making it the perfect staple piece to any garage gym. 

    This bar has a 28.5mm shaft, made of moderate-aggressive knurl. If the knurl is too subtle, there will be little to no grip and if the knurl is too aggressive, well then say goodbye to the first layer of your skin. The more you lift, the more important it will become. A moderate-aggressive knurl is important with pressing exercises but vital for pulling movements as this is what will give you good grip on the bar to not only hit those PB’s but also prevent painful lifts and the possibility of it slipping out of your hands. 

    The Zeus Bar also features no center knurl which is crucial for your squats when sitting on your collarbone and shoulders. A rough surface can cause grazing in that area. Take note that the center should always be smooth which is exactly what this barbell provides. 

    Coated in gold titanium, the sleeves on this bar give you another thing to brag about to your dinner guests. 41.5cm in length, a smooth spin and the ability to hold up to 675kg worth of rubber coated weight plates and Olympic weight plates. Lightwork baby! 

    Men's Olympic Barbell - ZEUS Bar 20KG
    Men's Olympic Barbell - ZEUS Bar 20KG

    The Zeus Bar has a 190,000 PSI meaning the higher the PSI (poundage per square meter) the less likely it is to break under pressure. It is a measurement which indicates the strength of the barbell and its ability to withstand bending until it returns to its original straight structure after a heavy lift. So in other words, our barbell can withstand Godzilla any given day. 

    If this barbell sounds like the perfect addition to your garage gym, find out more here and get lifting Kings and Queens! 

    Men's Olympic Barbell - ZEUS Bar 20KG

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