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    ATTIVO Cable Machine Chest Fly Crossover Machine

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    ATTIVO Cable Machine Chest Fly Crossover Machine

    ATTIVO Cable Crossover Machine provides the opportunity to incorporate strength training with the use of a cable system into a home or light-commercial setting. This robust machine offers a variety of exercises to train every muscle group, adding unmatched versatility to your workout regimen. Built with durable steel and industrial-grade pulleys, it stands up to intense daily use.

    The dual cable system provides a smooth and consistent tension throughout the full range of motion, ensuring maximum muscle engagement. With adjustable pulley heights and interchangeable attachments, you can customise your training to target specific muscles from multiple angles.

    Compact yet powerful, this Cable Crossover Machine fits comfortably in smaller spaces without compromising its functionality. Easy assembly and maintenance make it a practical choice for both home users and light-commercial fitness environment. Whether you're an experienced athlete or a beginner, this machine provides a full-body workout, promoting muscle growth, strength, and endurance.

    • Perfect for both beginner and advanced workout routines.
    • Versatile functional trainer. A fully functional cable machine for your home gym! This unit features a lat pull down bar, as well as a curl/row bar, 2 single strap handles and a pull up station! Common exercises include the cable crossover for a chest workout, in addition to cable curls, upright row or low row, and pull ups or chin ups for a total body workout!
    • Double bar track creating more stability and a smoother movement.
    • 16 Adjustable positions.
    • Features 1" weight peg with spring collars. Can also accomodate 2" weight plates.
    • Complete workout in a compact size.
    • Comes with a lat pull down bar, a curl/row bar, and 2 single strap handles.
    • Shipment comes in 3 boxes.

    • Product weight: 65kg
    • Max weight capacity: 150kg (Excl. user)
    • Max user weight: 130kg
    • Overall height: 203cm
    • Width Front: 143cm
    • Width Rear: 90cm
    • Depth: 136cm

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Andrew Tommasi (Melbourne, AU)

    Really great machine

    Lee Evans (Sydney, AU)
    Very good value

    I've had my machine built for a couple of weeks now and I'm really happy with it. Adjusting the positions is very easy and the build quality is honestly much better than expected for the price.

    When you're putting it together pay very close attention to the pulley diagrams and take it slow. When you get to doing all the pulleys (dozens of them) having a socket attachment for a screwdriver or impact driver is my top recommendation, as well as a normal socket set.

    Great product though!

    D.A. (Sydney, AU)
    Amazing product

    Bought this about a month ago this is amazing full body workouts

    Wayne Desborough (Brisbane, AU)
    ATTIVO Cable Machine

    Great set of equipment