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ATTIVO Olympic EZ Curl Bar

About the product
Builds perfect bicep peaks without straining your wrists and elbows with the EZ Curl Bar.

ATTIVO Olympic EZ Curl Bars are the perfect shape for blitzing arm workouts. These bars pack a superior specification, finish and strength rating. Suitable for use with 2" Olympic weight plates and collars.

• Suitable for use with all 2" Olympic weight plates
Grip galore. With multiple grips to choose from, you’ll never have to worry about inertia straining your wrists and causing injury. Using the narrow and wide camber, you’ll be able to deploy many arm-building exercises for creating that perfect bicep peak or hitting your next triceps flex.
Compact. The shorter length makes this bar useful in gyms with a smaller footprint or when using this bar during a fitness class with many participants.
Rust-resistant finish. The shaft of the EZ Curl Bar is coated with a rust-resistant black phosphate finish. Not only does this black-silver combo give the look of a premium bar, it helps minimise the build-up of rust.

IMPORTANT: Due to the smaller length of the EZ Curl bar, this bar is NOT rackable.

• Bar Weight: 10kg
• Shaft Diametre: 28mm
• Length: 120cm
• Loadable Sleeve Length: 18cm
• Knurl: Medium
• Shaft Finish: Black Phosphate
• Sleeve Finish: Nickel Plated
• Tensile Strength: 110,000 PSI
• Max Capacity: 135kg

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