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    ATTIVO Preacher Arm Curl Biceps and Triceps Machine

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    ATTIVO Preacher Arm Curl - Biceps and Triceps Machine

    ATTIVO Adjustable Preacher Curl Weight Bench Arm Machine - Bicep Tricep Press Extension - Plate Loaded Exercise Equipment for Home Gym Workout Station.

    The frame is constructed of 5x5cm solid steel strong enough to hold up to 65kg on the weight peg. Designed with thick, high-density, dual-layered vinyl padding on the arm cushion and seat pad to withstand intense stress and pressure.

    Sundial adjustment allows the user to adjust the hand grips to their perfect position and range of motion for their body type. Soft padding on hand grips provide a comfortable grip so you can lift heavier weights without any discomfort.

    The Plate Loaded Arm Curl and Triceps Machine includes a post that can easily be removed and put back in place to adjust the weight giving the user the option to work their biceps or triceps. Position 1 (weight behind peg/high-set arm bar) works the triceps and Position 2 (weight in front of peg/low-set arm bar) works the biceps.

    It can fit Standard and Olympic Plates. Purchase includes one Olympic Sleeve Adapter, one Standard Spring Clip, and one Olympic Spring Clip for your convenience.

    Includes a post that can easily be removed and put back in place to adjust the weight, giving you the option to work on your bicep or triceps!
    Frame constructed of 5x5cm solid steel strong enough to hold up to 65kg of plates.
    Thick, high-density, dual-layered vinyl padding can withstand intense stress and pressure.
    Height adjustable seat pad.
    Achieve an efficient home workout for your arms! This preacher curl bench machine tricep extension machine will help you build balanced arm muscles in your bicep and triceps in the comfort of you own home gym! Use the handle bars to perform bicep curl/preacher curls and tricep extensions/pushdowns.
    The adjustable sundial on this bicep curl and tricep machine allows you to adjust the hand grips to perform either arm curls or tricep extensions with ease. This adjustable sundial also allows you to find the perfect position and range of motion for your body type so you can have the best arm blasting workout!
    Compatible with standard 1" weight plates and 2" Olympic weights. Purchase includes 1 Olympic Sleeve Adapter, 1 standard spring clip, and 1 Olympic spring clip.
    Soft, foam padded handles. 

    * Weight plate in product picture is not included in the package.

    • Base dimension: 99cm x 68cm
    • Overall height: 103cm
    • Seat height adjustable from 44cm to 59cm (7 positions)
    • Arm pad dimension: 60cm x 25cm
    • Maximum weight load: 160kg
    • Product net weight: 30kg

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Lifter (Adelaide, AU)
    Great machine

    The older I've become, 4+ decades of training, the more I've gravitated towards machines. I bought this unit to compliment my leg sled (legs) and Powertec (torso), and I wasn't disappointed. From workout #1 I knew it was money well spent. My arms were worked, top to bottom. Deep DOMS kicked in later in the day, and lingered for 3 days.

    It was easy to construct, and didn't take up much space. It solid enough to handle a decent amount of weight, and I feel safe and secure using it for my intense hardcore workouts.

    Andrew (Sydney, AU)
    Bicep/tricep curl with ease

    Purchased this to add to my gym collection.
    This is my 7th order with GP and always sent on time and received roughly 4-5 days after order.
    I have been Gymming for over 15+ years and notice as im getting older its getting difficult to do some exercises so thought this would help with bicep and tricep exercises. It does certainly help used it for the first time yesterday and my biceps and forearms are aching which is a good sign.

    Machine was by far the easiest thing i have put together where took about 35 mins. Mine came scuffed / scratched in a few places but likely happened during transit but no noticeable form a distance and easily fixed.

    When you put together just ensure you apply loads of WD40 or something similar as it it will help with the movement.

    Rowland Jones (Brisbane, AU)

    Great machine

    Neville smith (Melbourne, AU)
    Bicep Screamer.

    I've used hundreds of different bicep machines over 40 years of training. To be honest for a non plate loaded non cable driven machine I wasn't expecting much.
    But first surprise was my husband put it together relatively easily. Much easier than something from Ikea.
    Then I used it and found it smooth and responsive with very good hand positions for all Bicep exercises. The counter balance keeps continuous tension on the bicep throughout the entire range of motion, easily used for single arm curls, bicep curls and reverse curls. You actually don't need to use a barbell or dumbbells again with this unit.
    Then with a pull of a pin and the change of a bar support your into triceps. The handle design again makes it possible for a number of very elbow comfortable triceps exercises which are capable of keeping the tension on through the entire movement.
    You will find that the design does mean you need to put more weight on the arm than for biceps but once that's done you'll be tearing those triceps fibres apart with a deep seated burn you'll be feeling for days.
    The machine is the perfect addition to any serious trainers home gym or even small studios arm arsenal.
    Young and experienced trainers alike will benefit from this quality piece of equipment and it will not break your bank. Even if you've got a gym membership and have access to more industrial versions, this is the perfect piece to get just for arm success, perfect for competitive bodybuilders, perfect for beginner trainers and excellent for older trainers who a pushing trough the pain of decades of dodgy elbows. Then there's just the ability to use it for half an hour before you head out clubbing for that perfect party pump so many desire.
    Great service and delivery, great piece of equipment for a really good price from Gymplus.
    If your thinking about getting one or are uming and ahing over it Stop!!
    Just go ahead and get it especially at this company's prices.

    paul spadano (Melbourne, AU)