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    ATTIVO Safety Squat Bar - 3 Specialty Handles

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    ATTIVO Safety Squat Bar - 3 Specialty Handles

    Designed for those with limited shoulder, elbow, and wrist mobility but beloved by powerlifters and garage gym champions everywhere, ATTIVO Safety Squat Bar is the perfect implement for developing the posterior chain and the quadriceps. Our Safety Squat Bar set includes 3 specialty handles, fully rotating bushing sleeves and superior foam padding.

    The high-quality, single-piece padding is dense yet comfortable, and it will always stay in place even during your sweatiest workouts.

    The Safety Squat Bar is a magnificent tool to have in your arsenal, whether you have a pre-existing injury or not. It’s incredibly effective at developing the posterior chain, highly versatile, and arguably one of the coolest-looking specialty bars out there. Give your shoulders a break without having to go easy on the rest of your body with the ATTIVO Premium Safety Squat Bar.

    • Includes 3 types of removable handles: Regular handles, Chain handles, and Spider handles.
    • Suitable for Olympic 2" weights.
    • 22 Degrees camber.
    • Fully rotating bushings.
    • Encourages correct torso alignment.
    • Reduces strain and alleviates pressure on shoulders and wrists.

    • Length: 220cm
    • Shaft diametre: 32mm
    • Weight: 21.4kg
    • Chain handles weight: approx. 1.8kg
    • Regular handles weight: approx. 1.1kg
    • Spider handles weight: approx. 2.7kg
    • Weight capacity: 500kg.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 12 reviews
      Nathan (Sydney, AU)
      Excellent SSB Great Quality & Performance

      I recently purchased the attivo SSB for my home gym setup and the bar has well exceeded my expectations. I had been looking at different brands for sometime and i was recommended this bar. Upon looking up the BOS SS3 bar and its reviews (same bar) i made the decision to grab one for myself. I've used a number of different SSBs in powerlifting gyms (verve, rogue, Aussie barbell, loaded lifting to name a few) and this bar has to be right up there with not only the feel but the build quality and performance. The camber is just right it's not over the top and I still get a solid quad pump using this bar, I have mainly been using it with heeled lifting shoes so far it's amazing. I haven't really tried the other handles as yet but the stock handles are perfect. The pad is thick and feels just like a verve and sits very well some other bars ive used the pad is too wide or too narrow but this one is perfect and sits nice on the traps. Can't wait to really load the weight up and give it a good run. Highly recommend this bar for anyone in the market for an SSB.

      Travis Nash (Sydney, AU)
      Best value safety squat bar 🍸

      Received this bar super fast, so kudos to the prompt shipping.

      This bar is top of its class for value and feel. I don't think you can look any further for a mid level entry ssb.

      I had a quick load up to 180 on the bar. It had minor whip and the bar didn't dictate my movement.

      Emmerson Walling (Adelaide, AU)

      ATTIVO Safety Squat Bar - 3 Specialty Handles

      Jonie (Melbourne, AU)
      Best SSB in AU market

      this is identical to BOS SS3 - so get all your reviews there. Firstly lets talk about the elephant in the room - to use this bar your rack width cannot exceed 47inch . Even at bang smack 47 inch or 1200 mm width (outside to outside) like the ForceUSA Myrack the standard jcups have to be swapped left to right to allow a slight sway in as the bar bends kick in earlier (way before the 1200 width) on this SSB due to a shorter bar. So i'm giving it a 4 star rating because the factory did not envision people having 47 inch and wider racks.

      Ever since getting this i can't imagine squatting with a straight bar anymore. People question the shorter camber angle (drop) compared to other SSBs - with the ATTIVO (cough...BOS SS3) more weights doesn't fold you more like some others with longer or deeper cambers. The bar acts very consistently with more weights - it doesn't throw you any more forward so it's very much like a normal barbell in that respect. There's a lot of Voodoo about camber design - I think it's got enough camber or drop to allow you to squat more upright than a straight bar. Gluck and others on youtube reviewed it as less stable compared to other brands - if you notice carefully they are using it upside down. Where the camber points down and is further back from the user's centre line. Yes upside down the SSB will feel like it wants to drop off your back - but use it with the correct side up -it's solid and stable. Hence the many 5 stars from users.

      I initially questioned the viability of the long handles - it looks BS until i tried a zombie squat with it - and BAM !! that's what the long handles were for. Allows you to squat even more upright with a zombie squat. But it's not a very comfortable squatting form - your arms and shoulders will tire long before your quads....again someone in the factory thought it looks good but in reality it's a fail. The long handles are just too long for most normal folks.

      The standard handles gives you the best control and comfort in the squat - the nunchucks are probably the most uncomfortable handles to use - you'll find you'll be using your posterior more - lower and upper to stabilize the squat with the nunchucks as there's a tendency to pull with the nunchucks to keep the bar on the shoulders securely. I would have liked 3 lengths of the straight handle instead of the nunchucks. Having a Standard, longer than standard and the Zombie squat handles would be the better option.

      The single piece pads are very very comfortable and at a good width and thickness. You definitely do not want a SSB with 3 separated pads - a single continous pad provides seamless support throughout the shoulder. I noticed that the pads are angled perfectly when it sits on my shoulders so that the camber is a straight 90 degrees to the floor - that's pretty spot on how you want to simulate a front squat.

      I am using this SSB for all leg workouts - squats, calf raises and bulgarian split squat.

      Sudhir Govinakovi (Brisbane, AU)
      ATTIVO Safety Squat Bar is Perfect

      Padding and quality of the bar is great. Don't spend time browsing around. I have done that for you in 2023. Buy this one.