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    Half Power Rack Garage Gym Package - Pink (HR2300 Combo)

    Package Contents
    1. Half Power Rack - HR2300 Pink
    2. Cerakote Olympic Barbell - 15KG Pink
    3. Bumper plates set in Pink 5/10/15kg pairs. Total 6 plates.
    4. Olympic collars

    1. Power rack HR2300 Pink

    The HR2300 Half Power Rack is ideal for anyone looking to perform a range of exercises including squat, bench press and pull ups. The adjustable design has 16 levels and comes complete with UHMW lined J-Cups. 

    • Ideal stand for working out at home including squat, bench press and pull up exercises.
    • 32mm diameter straight pull up bar with matte black finish
    • Includes J-Cups with UHMW liners
    • Strong 60mm x 60mm, 2mm thick steel construction
    • 6mm thick steel brace plates
    • Fully adjustable - 16 levels
    • 1" diameter holes spaced at 8cm intervals
    • Bolt down design provides extra stability
    • Powder coated finish
    • Compatible with various attachments(see below)
    • Comes with storage system

    • Height: 220cm
    • Width: 122cm to outside of uprights
    • Depth: 141cm
    • Steel upright: 60mm x 60mm, 2mm thickness
    • Max capacity: Bar catches: 250kg | Pull up bar: 150kg
    • Product net weight: 67.5kg

    The foot plates are pre-drilled with 11mm diameter holes but floor fixings are NOT included and will vary depending on your floor type. 

    What attachments are compatible?
    • J-Cups
    • Dip Bars
    • Safety Spotter Arms
    • Landmine Attachment
    • Barbell Holder(Pair)

    2. Barbell - Cerakote Olympic Barbell - 15KG Pink

    Cerakote is a ceramic and polymer coating that creates stunning looks and better durability. The coating is considered the best in the barbell game next to stainless steel.

    Our Cerakote Utility Barbell is designed to be an all-around solution for bench press, squats, deadlifts, and the Olympic lifts (cleans, jerks, and snatches). This barbell is an excellent option for well-rounded garage gym athletes, as well as commercial gyms.

    As a generalist bar, the Utility Barbell is designed for people who don’t adhere to a particular strength sport and just love an excellent bar. Brass bushings means the sleeves and no bearings makes for a smooth but not over-rotation and an ultra-secure snap ring is used to keep it all together. A medium-light knurl won’t chew your hands up when power cleaning.

    • Tensile Strength: 190,000 PSI
    • Max Capacity: 450kg
    • Bearing rotation: Bushing moderation spin
    • Sleeve Diametre: 50mm
    • Shaft Diametre: 25mm
    • Total Length: 201cm
    • Loadable Sleeve Length: 32cm
    • Collar to Collar: 131cm
    • Knurl: Medium
    • Knurling Marks: Dual
    • No center knurl
    • Shaft Finish: Pink Cerakote
    • Sleeve Finish: Black Cerakote

    3. Bumper plate set (Pink)

    5/10/15kg pairs. We included our popular pink bumper plates. These are all the weights that you will need to get your start with Olympic lifting with bumper plates. Use the 5kg to help with technique, and as you get stronger you can move up and really start pounding the ground with those weights.

    • Suitable for use on Olympic size bars
    • 45cm diameter
    • Low bounce
    • Durable construction
    • Stainless steel centre inserts
    • Weight discrepancy: +/- 2% of labeled weight

    Approx. weight plate thickness
    • 5kg: 2.4cm
    • 10kg: 4.4cm
    • 15kg: 6.2cm

    4. Olympic Bar Collar 1 Pair

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