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    MEMAX Cylinder Roller Foam Module - S/M/L

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    MEMAX Cylinder Roller Foam Module - S/M/L

    These cylinder foam module can be used to create a wide range of situations to help develop young children’s psychomotor skills. During baby gym, it can be used for an introduction to rolling exercises and for older gymnasts, for learning flips and handsprings.

    Made from high-quality, firm, and stable foam, these cylinders offer excellent support and cushioning, allowing kids to develop their balance, coordination, and flexibility with ease. From rolling and crawling to practicing handstands and bridges, our cylinder foam module provides endless possibilities for creative play and skill-building.

    • Durable, tear resistant vinyl cover.
    • Made from high-density foam. It is designed to withstand repeated use, maintaining its shape and structure for extended periods. This quality foam makes it ideal for providing a stable and supportive surface for various play activities.
    • Handle on cylinders for easy movement.
    • Easy wipe and clean.

    • Small: Size 80cm(L) x 30cm(Diametre); Weight: 2kg
    • Medium: Size 80cm(L) x 45cm(Diametre); Weight: 4kg
    • Large: Size 80cm(L) x 60cm(Diametre); Weight: 6kg

    Customer Reviews

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    Natalie Rutsche (Brisbane, AU)
    Great size for kids to roll onto hands

    The cylinder has firmer foam than most we've tried so doesn't collapse under 8-10yr olds weight while rolling on and over it.