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    Pull-up Bar Free Standing Pull up Stand Aerial Yoga Stand


    The MEMAX freestanding pull-up bar is loved by people who do fitness training at home and do aerial yoga exercises. It offers you convenience as well as safety when you practice on it. This multi-purpose pull-up bar can be adjusted to as high as 250cm, there is no need to bend your legs, limit your movements or damage your door frame when working out. The adjustable pull-up bar is suitable for users from 150cm – 200cm and less than 200kg.

    The adjustable pull-up bar can be folded up quickly in seconds. You can move this pull-ups equipment anywhere as per your training regime and set it up in minutes in your garage, office, playground, bedroom, or gym. The pull-ups stand rack has an antenna that helps to adjust the height and spread distance easily.

    Simply adjust the height of this pull-ups machine without a spanner wrench. It is not space-consuming - the home pullup portable frame has only a 112cm x 122cm spread range. Also, easy to add or remove accessories such as hanging hook, aerial yoga hammock, swing chair for kids, punching bag, TRX training straps, and more.

    While wobble is usual in any freestanding pull-up bar, our innovative support stable workout pull-up training bars have significantly reduced wobble. However, please noted it won't be completely secure on the ground when action is very intense. Heavy items (e.g. sandbags) could be helpful to secure the stand on the ground when needed.

    • Standing pull-up bar for full body.
    • High enough so your toes never touch the ground.
    • Double tiered, with an adjustable height lower handlebar.
    • Portable, foldable, quick, and easy setup.
    • High strength alloy steel frame with powder coating.
    • Freestanding with safety and reliability.

    Note: The swing seat (and its accessories) in the product picture are not included in the package.

    • Product weight: approx. 20kg
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Finnen (Sydney, AU)
    High quality product!

    Quality product. Instructions were very detailed and small so took a while to put together however definitely worth the time. Highly recommend. Fantastic online experience with company. Excellent delivery service with updates along the way. Many thanks.

    Idiot (Canberra, AU)
    Pulling my hair out

    Talk about f…… stupid you think this day and age they would learn how to draw up decent instructions ay, I swear I could squeeze someone’s neck

    CT (Perth, AU)
    Great equipment, poor assembly instructions.

    I weigh 125kg and it supports my weight well. No issues after about 4 weeks of ownership with admittedly light usage. No problems so far, therefore I'd highly recommend.
    Delivery was as advertised too. Only issue is the poorly illustrated instructions within the assembly manual.

    I.S. (Sydney, AU)
    Great Product, Poor instructions

    Overall I am really happy with the product. I have it set at the highest setting and it is really stable.
    The least stable direction is side to side, this is where it has the most wobble. I will note that I have it set up similar to the photo with the dimensions, but with the lower bar secured to the lower side supports. Without it, the system would be a bit less stable.

    The side to side wobble is not a whole lot, and I don't think it will wear the part, but be cautious if you are super aggressive with your workout and this thing is next to a wall.

    Build quality is good. Manufacturing quality is mediocre. Some of the bolt holes weren't punched through and I had to hammer out the semi attached pieces of metal. the ends of one of the bars was also dented making it hard for me to slide another bar in. These are all quality control issues. Won't impact use, but made assembly difficult.

    This is a nice segway to the assembly instructions. They are not nice. Thankfully, the bolts are all unified, only varying in length. But the instructions are really confusing, especially as they try and mention all the different combinations. I did find out later that there is a Youtube video... Not good enough unless it is really clear on the front page of the instructions. There isn't even a part list in the instruction booklet, and it refers to parts by codes/letters yet non of the parts are marked.

    It was tempting to give this a 3/5 due to how bad the instructions were and on the manufacturing issues which made assembly even more painful.
    However, The final product does exceed expectations. I will note that I am talking about this from the point of view of paying $240 sale price.... at $360 full price I feel I would be a bit more annoyed.

    No issues with Gym Plus. Fast dispatch and product arrived well. no complaints there. Will definitely be checking this site for other fitness gear.

    Z (Liverpool, AU)

    its better than a door pull up bar because it goes higher for muscle ups and doesnt leave marks. u can also make it lower to do straight bar dips. the instructions were bad but i found a utube vid to assemble it so ill let it slide👍🏿