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  • June 20, 2022 9 min read

    If you're in the market for a new power rack but you're not too sure where to start, then you've come to the right place! A power rack is a set of metal bars that surround and support you during an exercise. Power racks are most often used for barbell exercises. Unlike traditional machines in the gym, the power rack is extremely versatile. You can use it for back squats, front squats, shoulder presses, deadlifts, bench presses and heavy rows. It's like a playground for lifters. Many power racks come with accessory attachments, such as a chin-up bar, pulldown cable attachment, or pegs for storing weight plates which can assist athletes during their training. A power rack will not only make your workouts more productive and safer, but they can also increase the number of exercises you are able to do in a relatively compact space. Gym plus offers varieties of power racks/rigs, depending on your budget, usage, and activity. Most of our racks include v-cuffs or J-cups, pull up bars and different attachments however gym plus also offers a variety of extra attachments that can improve your racks functionality. 

    Differences between a power Rack / power Rig?

    There are different versions of racks, but the general design of a rack is two adjustable bar supports on each side in a 60 x 60 x 3mm box section. Of course, they vary from this sizing, but that is the typical one on the market, whereas a Rig is essentially a bigger version of a rack, with more stations and options to choose from. In rigs you can find built-in storage compartments, add box jump platforms, monkey bars, and much more.

    What (muscles) does the rack /rig work?

    Many bodybuilders, Olympic lifters and powerlifters consider their squat rack as the centrepiece of their home gym for countless reasons. Foremost of which is the variety of muscles it activates during a workout session. So, what (muscles) does the rack/rig work? Back and front squats, bench pressing, barbell lunges, box squats, dips, and knee raises are some of the exercises you can perform with your rack. You can also add a bench to your squat racks to be able to add to your other exercises. With these routines, you can tone the following sections of your body:

    • Buttocks, as well as the back and front part of the thigh
    • Groin and hip flexors
    • Calves and leg muscles
    • Core Muscles, including the erector spinae, obliques, rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis
    • Arms and shoulders
    • Chest and back

    Things to consider when buying a power rack


    Considering the size and space, the power rack is going to be an important matter. There are power racks that are bigger in size that can store more barbells and have additional features like dip bars, bigger spotter bars and other exercise equipment, and multiple slots for weight plates. However, if your goal is day to day training then the smaller racks are recommended as you are not sacrificing space and money.


    Another important thing to consider while buying a power rack is the quality and the safety. Gym plus offers power rigs and racks that have great quality and safety ratings. When it comes to our products, our customer’s safety and satisfaction is most important to us. Gym plus also provides additional information on the load capacity, pull up capacity, etc. to ensure the athletes needs and safety.


    Going for a power rack / rig with a high price point is the recommended buy if you have the cash flow. In general, the more expensive the power rack, the more different features and better quality it has. Does that mean that a lower-priced power rack that gym plus offers is not worth it? Absolutely Not. Gym plus offers moderately priced power racks / rigs that can offer similar benefits of the higher-priced ones, but they may only be lacking when it comes to the weight capacity, if you’re a powerlifter and your goal is lifting very heavy then theATTIVO L3 Power Rack Power Cage - Commercial Grade is recommended. 

    How long does a power rack/rig last? 

    Power racks with high build quality are designed to last for many decades. You should never buy a rack that you must worry about replacing in a few years. Gym plus racks are durable enough to last a very long time.

    ATTIVO Half Racks / Rigs 

    Unlike a full power rack, all the lifts you do will be outside of the rack (in the front). They come with j-cups and spotter arms that attach at varying heights to the outside of the rack’s front vertical posts. The top of a half rack is also connected by beams and a bar to provide stability just like a power rack (as well as pull up/chin up functionality). Half racks are pretty much just as versatile as a full power rack. Down below are the half racks that gym plus offers.

    ATTIVO Half Power Rack 2182B


    ATTIVO Half Power Rack 2182B


    This Half Power Rack is ideal for anyone looking to perform a range of exercises including squat, bench press and pull ups. The adjustable design has 16 levels and comes complete with UHMW lined J-Cups. Constructed of 5cm x 7.5cm, powder coated 12-gauge enhanced steel uprights with built-in weight pegs for rock-solid stability and plate storage. A pair of UHMW coating J-cups are included. Floor bolting option offers a permanent stability option. Thesafety spotter arms, andthe dip bars can be added to this rack for additional safety and additional exercises. A bench is another option that can be added to this set up for chest exercises and versatility.

    ATTIVO Power Rack PR2616


    ATTIVO Power Rack PR2616


    Gym plus has engineered the latest weight cage to have the features you need at the price you want. Where other manufacturers sacrificed quality and utility, we kept adding features to make our cage better! Extended safety bars, integrated pull up unit, and durable powder coat make this a great quality and best value power rack on the market.

    Note: This item does not come with a barbell or weights. However, for people that are interested theSemi-Commercial Garage Gym Package includes weights and the barbell.

    ATTIVO Squat Rack with Lat Pull Down System - SR1551


    ATTIVO Squat Rack with Lat Pull Down System - SR1551


    ATTIVO Squat Rack SR1551 allows you to do all the core lifts from squats and bench press to lat pulls, low rows, and leg extensions. This rack comes with a built in Lat Pull Down System which makes this rack a full body exercise machine. The SR1551 combination package will meet your strength training needs whether you are an advanced fitness trainer or a beginner. The dimensions are 112cm(W) x 120cm(D) x 210cm(H), the weight is 52kg and the weight load capacities is (*Rack system 225kg/Lat Tower Option 135kg)

    ATTIVO L2 Heavy Duty Half Power Cage Weight Lifting Squat Rack & Dip Station Tower


    ATTIVO L2 Heavy Duty Half Power Cage Weight Lifting Squat Rack & Dip Station Tower


    ATTIVO L2 Heavy Duty Half Power Cage Weightlifting Squat Rack & Dip Station Tower is an excellent piece of equipment for a variety of exercises, ensuring full safety for heavy weight training. This power rack is as durable as a full cage power rack. This half rack can stay with you for a while with your strength training journey as it’s got an impressive 300KG max weight capacity. ATTIVO L2 solid Half Power Cage will help you work out safely and efficiently while performing squats, military press, bench press, curls, shrugs, dips and more.The wide walk-in design offers plenty of side-to-side movement for a variety of total body exercises. In addition, the rack offers multi-position, helping it accommodate different heights and exercises. Gym plus also offers this rack with the cable system (ATTIVO L2 Heavy Duty Half Power Cage Weight Lifting Squat Rack with Lat Low Row System ) for a complete home gym set.


    • Steel upright: 50mmx50mm; Steel thickness: 1.5mm
    • Upright length (Front): 152cm; Upright length (Rear): 215cm
    • Overall height including lat pulldown attachment: 220cm
    • Overall depth including lat pull down attachment: 158cm
    • Overall width: 119cm
    • Product weight: 70kg

    Barbell & Weights max load: 200kg; Pull up max Load: 200kg; Pull down system max load: 125KG


    A full rack, sometimes also known as a power rack is a large cage that sits inside of a home gym. It consists of a solid metal base that is usually square or rectangular in shape with four bars rising from the base and connecting bars across the top for added stability. These racks are also known as cages because they resemble a cage. The full rack acts as a spotter for heavy lifting and has better stability. Down below are some options that gym plus offers:

    ATTIVO Power Rack ZY18


    ATTIVO Power Rack ZY18


    ATTIVO solid ZY18 Power Rack is designed for functional fitness users, lifters, and bodybuilders equally well with a small footprint (149cm wide x 123cm deep), therefore this power rack will work well in compact spaces and best used for home gyms. This rack comes with 17 adjustable levels, strong steel frame, J Hooks, solid steel spotter bars and multi grip pull up bar. This will be a great centrepiece for your garage/home gym as it can be used to perform a variety of exercises in a safe manner! You can also adddip bars,Landmine Attachment,extra J-Cups,Olympic Plate Weight Storage Pegs andResistance Band Pegs to ZY18 Power Rack for extra versatility.


    • Overall, Height: 213cm (204cm with pull up bar installed in reverse)
    • Overall Width: 149cm (122cm from outside of uprights)
    • Overall Depth: 123cm
    • Internal Depth: 61cm
    • Frame: 50mm*50mm steel frame, 1.5mm thickness steel.
    • Net weight: 52kg
    • Max load: 220kg

    ATTIVO L3 Power Rack with Cable Pulley System - Commercial Grade


    ATTIVO L3 Power Rack with Cable Pulley System - Commercial Grade


    ATTIVO L3 power rack is a solid and functional piece of equipment that decreases the risk of injury when lifting solo and when going heavier. Constructed with a Strong 60mm x 60mm steel uprights, this power cage has an impressive 350KG weight capacity, giving you the flexibility for multiple strength training exercises, within a safe environment and in a compact space. The 2mm-thick steel is powder coated in black and orange finish. This power cage also includes 2 safety bars, 2 J-Hooks with UHMW liners. With a large walk-in space and rubber feet, it ensures stability and protects your floor. Our L3 power rack is fully adjustable with 16 levels with 1" diameter holes spaced at 8cm intervals. The rear base bar position provides increased room for weight bench positioning within the cage. The front of the rack includes a multi-grip 32mm diameter pull-up bar for additional exercises and stretches. This power cage could be highly customisable with additional bench and can be expanded with add-ons such as alat pull-down attachment,j-cups,Safety Spotter Arms (60x60mm) andthe ATTIVO L3 Adjustable Weight Bench FID Bench 


    • Total Height: 220cm
    • Total Width: 147cm (122cm to outside of uprights)
    • Total Depth: 141cm
    • Internal Depth: 74cm
    • Upright: 60mm*60mm
    • Pull up bar diameter: 32mm with matt black finish.
    • Product net weight: 78kg
    • Max load: 350kg


    ATTIVO L2 Wall Mounted Folding Power Rack


    ATTIVO L2 Wall Mounted Folding Power Rack


    ATTIVO L2 Wall Mounted Folding Power Rack gives you the functionality of a power rack and being  a compact rack at the same time. Utilising a pin and hinge system for efficient storage, when not in use easily fold your power rack into the closed position. The Folding Rack comes with laser-cut steel uprights with hole spacing through both front columns, 50mm spacing above and below, 17mm side hole spacing throughout the entire upright, and top and bottom side brace with depth 533mm. It is perfect for cross-functional fitness athletes, Olympic Weights, MMA, or anyone looking to Lift Big in Small Spaces and stay fit. You can also add dip bars and safety bars to this rack for safety andversatility.


    • Steel upright: 50mm*75mm. Steel thickness: 3mm
    • Upright length: 1833mm
    • Hole spacing: 50mm; Hole diameter: 17mm
    • Product weight: 49kg
    • Weight capacity: 350kg (Subject to wall strength)
    • Minimum ceiling height required: 235cm

    Accessories and extra attachments

    J-cup hanger:

    A J-cup hanger or a storage hook allows you to store your barbell on the rack safely. Here are the J-cup hangers’ gym plus offersJ-Cups for ZY18 Power Rack andJ-Cups for L3 Power Rack

    Dip Attachment:

    As its name suggests, the dip attachment allows you to perform dips to activate the chest and triceps and  perform ab exercises like leg raises and L sits. The dip attachments offered by gym plus areDip Bars for ZY18 Power Rack andDip Bars 50x75mm (2"x3")

    Resistance Band Pegs:

    It can be used as an anchor point for a battle rope or resistance band when working out. We offerresistance Band Pegs for ZY18 Power Rack

    Landmine Attachment:

    Connect your barbell to the landmine to do exercises that will build your core and shoulder strength. The Landmine Attachment gym plus offers isLandmine Attachment for ZY18 Power Rack

    Storage pegs:

    It’s an extra accessory for the racks that offers more storage for the weight plates. We offerOlympic Plate Weight Storage Pegs  

    Safety spotter arms:

    For the racks that do not include safety bars or as an extra accessory. It functions as a spotter when lifting heavier and providing safety. Gym plus offers Safety Spotter Arms (60x60mm) - L3 Power Rack and Safety Spotter Arms 50x75mm (2"x3") - for 2182B Half Rack, L2 Wall Mount Power Rack

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