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MEMAX Competition Gymnastic Uneven Bars Parallel Bar - Fibreglass Rail

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MEMAX Competition Gymnastic Uneven Bars Parallel Bar

When it comes to practising your gymnastics skills, having a bar to work on basic skills, advanced skills, flips and jumps, core strength and upper body strength is essential for progressing further in your sport but at the same time is a fun form of physical activity that helps stimulate muscle growth.

The 'Competition Uneven/Parallel Bar’ is the best of the best. It consists of 2 bars, one 1.4m high and the other being 1.9m high. Most gymnastics routines require smooth transitions between the 2 uneven bars and it is mandatory that there is an adequate amount of grip to support them throughout certain movements that require circles, turns and releases.

The horizontal bars are made of fibreglass, covered in a timber veneer coating which not only increases the hand-rails lifespan but also provides an efficient grip with less time required to prepare the bar due to the fact that there is less chalk needed before use. Uneven bars can also be converted into horizontal bars using its ‘quick release & lock design’ which makes it super user friendly and easy to set up. In addition, this particular training bar is adjustable at the feet as well with the same system that adjusts the vertical bars, again used in competitive gymnastics to widen the landing space and allow for a longer routine. You also have the option to make the foot space narrower to allow for less of a landing space and more practice on particular skills. This space is roughly 174cm wide at its furthest point but allows for so many possibilities, including removal of the low bar or high bar and using it as a single bar alone. Fun fact is that male gymnasts are not allowed to perform their routines using this bar, this is usually only specifically used for women's routines in competitive gymnastics.

• Premium quality and heavy duty carbon steel with a smooth, tough powder coated finish.
• Can be used as a single high bar or low bar
• Quick release and lock design. Distance between the low bar and high bar can be adjusted in couple of minutes.
• Horizontal rail: Fibreglass with timber veneer cover.
• Horizontal rail diametre: 4cm. Rail length: 174cm (including ends)
• Low bar height adjustable from 90cm to 140cm.
• High bar height adjustable from 140cm to 190cm.
• Footprint: 180cm (Length) x 174cm (Width).

Note: The bar set needs to be used indoor or undercover. It can't be exposed to weather directly as sun/rain/temperature change could cause cracks of the wooden veneer and the colouring of steel coating.

• Colour: Aqua blue
• Base steel tube: 80mmx50mm, 2.5mm thickness
• Upright outer steel tube: 60mmx60mm, 2mm thickness
• Upright inner steel tube: 50mmx50mm, 2mm thickness
• Weight capacity: 150kg
• Product weight: 88kg

WARNING: It is essential that this product is checked regularly for signs of loose screws. Failure to do this could result in a serious accident. Ensure all the screws are firmly tightened and the bar is securely locked before each use.