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    MEMAX Wonder Gym - Premium Gymnastics Uneven Bar - Version 3.0

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    MEMAX Wonder Gym - Premium Gymnastics Uneven Bar - Version 3.0

    Experience the joy of gymnastics with the latest MEMAX Wonder Gym series!

    The MEMAX Wonder Gym apparatus is designed to create a non-competition environment where young gymnasts can grow, learn, and enjoy the sport in a safe and welcoming atmosphere. It is ideal for schools and gymnastics training facilities looking for cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality or safety.

    • Designed for aspiring gymnasts and active children, this uneven bar is a gateway to hours of fun, skill-building, and athletic development. Recommend for schools, clubs, or home use.
    • Can be used as a single high bar or low bar.
    • Quick release and lock design. Distance between the low bar and high bar can be adjusted in couple of minutes.
    • Very secure and stable steel frame. Can withstand the energetic routines and endless practice sessions of active kids.

    Note: The bar set needs to be used indoor or undercover. It can't be exposed to weather directly as sun/rain/temperature change could cause cracks of the wooden veneer and the colouring of steel coating.

    • Colour: Pink/Light Grey.
    • Weight Capacity: Static 200kg; Dynamic 60kg.
    • Product weight: 85kg
    • Footprint: 200cm(L) x 180cm(W)
    • Horizontal bar width: 170cm
    • 4cm Diametre fibreglass rail with timber veneer cover.
    • Low bar height adjustable from 90cm to 140cm.
    • High bar height adjustable from 140cm to 190cm.

    10cm Thick Dual Density Tumbling Mat Gymnastic Landing Mat

    This MEMAX 10cm thickness safety mat is made from top quality materials for maximal cushioning and durability. It is used for training, for the learning and the repetitions of gymnastics skills. It reduces the apprehensiveness while giving a good shock absorption.

    The surface of this tumbling mat is made of durable 18oz vinyl cover. It is high quality, durable, and non-absorbent. The moisture-resistant technology makes it easy to clean.

    This MEMAX mat has been tested by accredited laboratory to meet Australian standard AS 4422:2016. It is certified to critical fall height of 3.0m for safety reassurance. 

    ∙ Durable, easy to clean, and high quality vinyl cover.
    ∙ Dual density design. This dual density gymnastics mat features a soft foam layer for cushioned landings and a firm foam layer for added support. The soft foam layer on the top provides a gentle surface for gymnasts to land on, minimising the risk of injury. This cushioned surface helps to absorb shock and reduce the impact; The firm foam layer on the lower side offers a stable and supportive base for gymnasts to perform their routines. This firmer layer helps to prevent excessive sinking into the mat, allowing for better balance and control during movements.
    ∙ Non-skid material sewn to the bottom for extra security and safety.
    ∙ Velcro loop and hook straps on the mat's folding side ensuring two mat sections connect together securely and tightly when unfolded.
    Folds in half to create a block shape for increased drills and progressions.
    ∙ Handles for easy carrying.

    Dimension: 300cm(L) x 150cm(W) x 10cm(H)

    Why MEMAX Premium uneven bar is more expensive than the other MEMAX uneven bar?

    1. High quality steel. MEMAX premium uneven bar uses most reliable and heavy duty steel. The total weight of this bar is 88kg (11kg heavier than the other one), which provides rock-solid stability, even during the most rigorous workouts.

    2. Wooden Veneer finished fibreglass rail. The Premium uneven bar with Wooden Veneer finished fibreglass rail offers a more authentic feel, closely resembling the bars used in formal Olympic games. This finish provides gymnasts with a familiar grip and texture, allowing them to train and perform with confidence. The Wooden Veneer finish not only enhances the overall aesthetic of the bar but also delivers an unparalleled experience for those seeking a professional touch in gymnastics equipment.

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    Charlotte GELLIE (Cowes, AU)
    Uneven Bars and Mat Combo

    Absolutely fantastic! The quality of these products is great!. Easy to assemble and so strong and sturdy. We couldn't be happier. My 9 year old daughter has been on them since Christmas day. Thank you so much 😊🙏