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  • If you are aiming at practising squatting, then the sissy squat machine is one of the equipment that you would need for your home gym. Getting one piece of equipment and you could enjoy a full-body training.

    How to perform sissy squat on a sissy squat machine?

    All of our sissy squat machines feature foot support pin. This allows you to lock your feet into position while doing squats so to reduce stress on the knees and help you focus on squat exercising. The foot lock pin is adjustable, and you could adjust to a suitable position according to your needs.

    The anti-skid design of foot plate is also to help you focus on squat training and avoid flipping over.

    The next step of performing a sissy squat is to lean your calf back onto the pad, get your body into a squat position while maintaining tension on your thighs. Then bring yourself up again and repeat the steps for several times.

    What are the benefits of sissy squat?

    Sissy squat is considered as a difficult but effective exercise for strength building especially on quadriceps, hip flexors, and core. It also helps you improve your balance.

    Different from a traditional squat, sissy squat requires you to lean your calf and ankles on the sissy squat machine so that you need to use your quads and core. With a sissy squat machine, you could get down to a sit-up position and then force yourself back up. It really helps develop your strength.

    Using a sissy squat machine ensures your safety while you are pushing yourself to the limit. The foot lock pin, calf pad and anti-skid foot plate are all designed to ensure you could focus on your training while doing squat and avoid slippery.

    While doing squat on a sissy squat machine, you could start with using your body weight as it’s difficult enough for most people to practice. While you have processed to an advanced level, you could start to add weight by using a barbell or holding a weight plate against your chest.

    What else could you do on a sissy squat machine?

    Apart from sissy squat, you could also perform other exercises on our sissy squat machine to achieve full-body workout. Gym plus offers sissy squats with several built-in features. With the built-in handles on our sissy squat machine, you could perform push-ups to exercise your upper body. You could also perform sit-ups within our sissy squat machine as it provides an open space at the end. Besides, you could also choose our 4 in 1 sissy squat machine which has resistance band and twisting, so that you could practice waist twisting and resistance bands training.