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    ATTIVO Chest Fly Pec Fly and Reverse Delt Machine

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    ATTIVO Chest Fly Pec Fly and Reverse Delt Machine

    ATTIVO Plate-Loaded Fly Machine, explicitly designed to develop chest, back, shoulders, pectorals, and deltoids, all in one freestanding machine. This upper-body machine features adjustable dual overhead variable resistance cams that allow each arm to operate independently for singular rows and collaboratively in unilateral or bilateral conditioning. The independent range of motion adjustments is uniquely designed to provide a deep full stretch in pectoral and rear deltoid development. The low-profile design features an adjustable bottom seat, thick comfortable pads, dual weight plate sleeves that fit Olympic plates, and swivel handles with a full 360-degree range of motion. The handles are crafted for dual use; the top handle focuses on the posterior delt/shoulder exercises, while the bottom complements chest exercises with that tight squeeze to work the pecs. Multi-functional, comfortable, and exceptionally functional, the Plate-Loaded Fly Machine is waiting for your next chest day routine.

    • Develops pectoral, chest, shoulder, and back muscles.
    • Swivelling handles with a full 360-degree range of motion.
    • Bottom handle is used for chest exercises.
    • Top handle used for posterior delt/shoulder exercises.
    • Dual overhead cams offer independent and collaborative conditioning.
    • Dual weight post sleeves fit Olympic-sized weight plates.
    • Adjustable bottom seat to accommodate users of all sizes.

    • Product net weight: 44kg
    • 2 x 2-inch steel tubing
    • Max weight for cable system: 130kg (not include user)
    • Max user weight: 130kg
    • Dimensions: as product size picture

    Customer Reviews

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    Lifter (Adelaide, AU)
    Solid unit

    I took it slow and steady, the machine was together in under 2 hours. I'm impressed with how smooth it was, and how I was able to focus on my chest without any hitching. Attivo make sound equipment. This is my second of theirs, I have their arm unit, and their leg unit is on the way.