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    Portable Dancing Pole - Static and Spinning Pole Dancing Kit - Chrome

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    MEMAX dance pole will fit any room with its extendable length. It is easily removable and portable. You can do multiple workouts – whether you want to spin or to use it as an exercise bar, this pole is perfect for anyone, anywhere. Great for the gym, club, or at home. It won't damage your ceiling/floor, and easy to install.


    • Spinning or Static. Choose Your Style: the dancing pole integrated all-new design enables users to use the pole’s spinning mode or lock it up to use the pole in static mode. Adjust the bottom screw to switch between spinning mode and static mode.
    • Height adjustable. Fit ceiling height between 2315mm and 2745mm. Extension tubes (125mm, 250mm, or 500mm) can also be purchased in our store.
    • Easy to assemble. No drills/screws on ceiling/floor. Silicone ring protectors on both dome and base. No damage will be caused to your ceiling and floor on assembly.
    • Made of premium cold-formed steel with chrome finish. It is durable and sturdy.
    • Screw together tube high precision joints(almost seamless) for maximum strength, stability, and smoothness.
    • Double width pole support dome, spreads the load/pressure evenly on the ceiling.


    • Pole diameter: 45mm
    • Material: Cold-formed steel
    • Finish: High grade electroplated chrome
    • Steel thickness: 2.2mm
    • Weight capacity: 200kg
    • Suitable for ceiling height between 2315mm and 2745mm

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 26 reviews

    Its a good pole and very affordable. A bit More slippery than usual but i dont know if i assembled it incorrectly but it just doesnt spin as fast and as smooth as those the ones in pole studios

    Niamh OToole

    Portable Dancing Pole - Static and Spinning Pole Dancing Kit


    I was quite hesitant about buying a affordable at home Pole we have all seen those Pole video fails but because I do Pole in a proper studio I really wanted one for at home to practice with when I wasn’t doing classes, the Pole itself came really quickly which I loved, and the instructions aren’t the best simply because it’s one of those things I think you have to visually see to understand especially when you’ve never done it before so I do recommend just going on YouTube and looking up a video but once you get the hang of it, it is so easy to set up. I have complete faith this. Pole is going to stay up. I’ve already used a bunch of times and there’s been no movement meaning the tension is great. A little tip for anyone. If your Pole stop spinning properly, it means it’s going to fall down but mine spins beautifully, not superfast, but you can get a lot of momentum ones going. I was quite worried about the thickness of the Pole because that’s what all the other comment said, but I actually found the thickness is the exact same as what I miss using a studio, I really recommend this Pole for anyone who wants to give it a go. Obviously I recommend going to classes first then buying a pole but if you want an at home Pole I really recommend this one.
    I live in a rental, so it was very important to have something when I could take up and take down at quick notice and Pole is exactly that
    I assembled it all by myself

    Mimi Celik
    Great pole

    Easy set up and super strong and supportive even though it’s not drilled into the roof!
    It’s very slippery as it’s so brand new so I’m looking forward to it being a bit more worn in and more grippy
    Probably doesn’t help that the climate is so cold, I’ve been warming it up with a hairdryer before use which helps haha

    Sarah Goffin
    Great quality piece of kit

    OK it took 2 of us to assemble and we ended up ignoring the instructions and doing it off YouTube videos, but given the cost it's awesome quality for what you get :-)