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    MEMAX Trapezoid Foam Vault Box - One Piece Top (120cm Height)

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    MEMAX Trapezoid Foam Vault

    This MEMAX Foam Vault is made of a high-density polyurethane foam and a non-absorbent vinyl cover. Its soft nature makes it ideal for gymnastic beginners or children who are fearful of conventional hardwood vaulting box.

    Consist of 4 trapezoid vault boxes and each element can be used individually for separate use, MEMAX vaulting box features Velcro straps which allow individual foam boxes to be attached to one another tightly. In addition, it is portable, easy to set up and store away. Choose your preferred place to practice vaulting or activities to develop strength, balance, and have fun!

    • 4 Elements trapezoid vault boxes.
    • Modules can be stacked together or use separately. Allows vault training for all levels, from basic handsprings up to elite-level vaults.
    • Non-skid material sewn to the bottom of each module for extra security and safety.
    • High-density polyurethane foam. Protect gymnasts from injury whilst remain firm enough.
    • Each module features handles and velcro flaps for a secure connection to each other.
    • Heavy duty, tear resistant vinyl. Moisture resistant and easy to clean.

    • Overall dimensions: 120cm(L)x90/40cm(W)x120cm(H)
    • Height of each module: 30cm
    • Module dimensions:
    A: 120cm(L)x52.5/40cm(W)x30cm(H)
    B: 120cm(L)x65/52.50cm(W)x30cm(H)
    C: 120cm(L)x77.50/65cm(W)x30cm(H)
    D: 120cm(L)x90/77.50cm(W)x30cm(H)

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